Wednesday, February 28, 2007

We Need Hints

And they were givin' by the doctor today, as he talked of strong German and Bohemian women.

A somber day at the Bruns camp....we find out today that mom has to have a surgery tomorrow, and a sleepless night makes me introspective about many things, life in general, the whole human element, and how to use this episode in life to spin positive change in my life, and I'll only speak to that in the blogsphere. I don't want to elaborate on her condition, but here are other points of general consideration.

Each person in life deals with adversity in their own way.....right now, I'm dealing with adversity by thinking, what can I learn from this, how can this be a binding agent, and what am I taking for granted.

I have learned so much from Mom, but the most important thing I'd like to gain from her is a fierce work ethic. She's the type that just moves the stone, she doesn't say she's too tired, or too busy, most certainly doesn't squander money of frivilious things such as concert tickets and bud light pitchers, and other things that are off the point.

Why is it that I'm only thinking of these things in times of adversity? The spotlight is currently shining on how much I lean on mom, how much I appreciate her, and the things I need to do to get many things in my life in order. It makes me cherish the weekend BBQ's, the deviled eggs, potatoes augraten, the spurs fan in her, round table discussions, and many other things I take for granted.

See, she's a smart woman, she won't be able to tell you about computers, the internet, international travel, or other difficult and boring professions, but she's of sound wisdom and spirit, and can offer practical and understandable and more often than not correct accessments on the state of affairs, not only in Shiner, but in the hearts and minds of anyone around her, and her sphere of influence is tremendous due to this.

I want to acheive this work ethic and practical wisdom, and I want to do it for the both of us, I want to do it for the family. I want to cherish every day I can see her, talk to her, spend time with her, and I want to talk about the good stuff, the stuff I need to catch up on, the stuff I need to know, and the things I need to awknowledge.

Balance is what I'm going to make a concerted effort to do, its what I need to be healthy. I'm lopsided on the 'non-domesticated' perspective of it all, and my inclinations lead me to believe that staying home and being happy, putting the laptop down at home and pickin' it up more at work, and most importantly, not as much thinkin' until the thinkin' ain't good.

Times like these really test one's muster. Our family has a strong bond, and I know this will draw us closer, as every individual hurts inside. The human element to anything, it's often forgotten (especially for me), and its times like these which make you sit back and put it into perspective, I would say it's a healthy time for everyone.

Please send Good Vibrations her way, I'll be playing my Theremin passionately thru the weekend.

Monday, February 26, 2007

silent diverted indifferent

the setting, crown and anchor pub, one of my favorites in austin, i'm sitting here with ashley, and she's doing an assignment for her writing class, she has to describe something.

i'm going to share her pain, tonight, i will write about inspiration, from none other than the crown and anchor bathroom, a place in which i spent many wobbly nights.

for the last HOWEVER long, i've read the graffiti on the crown wall, and there's a profound statement hovering in the 'main stall,' and the whole slogan I can't make out, but it's about religion, and other words include silent, diverted, divided, indifferent.

recently i heard a self help book that says 'religion divides, spirituality binds', and wow, what a message that is.

on the silent, diverted, indifferent part, its amazing when you look at society in large, and how many are afraid of what they don't understand, and steps they achieve to obtain 'comfort.'

luckily for society, there are plenty of diversions, even for the movers and shakers in the world who value self-enrichment without self-fulfillment.

oooo, ashleys topic, descriptive. I've sitting here, in the 'public' area of crown, many familiar faces, crusty old wooden tables, darts, great pub food, a 'rustic' environment, stacks of the austin chronicle and austin's latest arrival 'the onion' (which has great shirts by the way), free wifi, a nice pint or three of stella, nerds beside me talking about linux and open source, and yes, the bathroom, yes, the bathroom, with an elevated 'thunder mug' and the 'horse trough' most dudes piss in.

well that's my two cents for the evening, I stumbled in here tonight after an Austin Music Foundation event at the Gibson Guitar Center, where some really smart and cool dudes talked about music, go out and check it out wheneva.

ps -- my google toolbar spellchecker for firefox seems to have kept the formatting of what it thinks is mispelled words, and the words I had to correct because of mispellings.

that's enough rambling for the evening.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Fortune Comes a Crawlin, Calliope Woman, Spinnin that Curious Sense of Your Own

Pride and envy, the feelings I get when I open the inbox and see things like this. If you recall Toshi from way back when, well he's galavanding all over the world, currently working in India, and for his birthday this year Taj Mahal.

Toshi, what can I say about this guy, he cultured me a lot, and I miss his influence on my life, but I know one day I'll get to visit him in Japan, and we are going to eat all sorts of crazy stuff, and see all kinds of awesome things.

Nope, no photoshop here. There ARE a few people checkin' the place out.

Keep up the good work Toshi, next weekend I'll be in the EXOTIC Shiner, Texas! hahaha

Friday, February 23, 2007

Sweet Home Bama Bama!

Today me and about 10,000 other 'surrender monkeys' came out to watch Barack welcomed to Austin.

Why did he come to Austin?.... Considering initial predictions say the only votes from Texas he will get are probably the 10,000 or so that packed into Auditorium Shores. He came because a lot of the liberal Austin hippies have money, and they will probably be allured with his 'rock star' attitude.'

The typical pie in the sky health care issues, education, war were talked about, and a poke or two at Cheney as well.

Behind the rock star attitude is more, a sensible and and articulate person, however, it's probably too early in the game, (17 months out) to predict his tenacity. He says people say he's not had enough time in Washington (just as much as bush, maybe more), but says he knows enough about it.

Anyone that can awknowledge the trip ups, screw ups, fuck up's of what bipartisan politics has become and how it divides and angers people has got the 'first step' right in making change.

For the record, if the momentum holds, I WILL make a sweet home bama bama shirt and wear it out to my rural stomping grouds. Skynard meets Bama, it just may work!

And for all the PS2 playing pot smokers, here's a wakeup call.

"There is not a liberal America and a conservative America - there is the United States of America. There is not a black America and a white America and latino America and asian America - there's the United States of America." -Senator Barack Obama

Sunday, February 18, 2007

We Can Blow on our Thumbs and Posture, But the Lonely is Such Delicate Things

Insightful, clever, intense, deep, happy, sad, depressed all rolled up into one? Meet your daddy, his name is James Mercer of The Shins. I'll spare the tributes to this wonderful band, let's just say that in the 1,000 of wanna-be's in the world of indie rock, this is the tallest blade of grass, and they got their by sheer talent, compromising nothing, selling out to no one. Music people who read this blog, I'll challange anyone on my sentiments that these boys are the voice of society's undercurrent.

The Paramount, Seattle, simply amazing to see a venue. Four stories, 3 balconies, and back to back sold out perfomances.

Someone told me once they didn't like The Shins because they sound too much like The Beatles, well damn, how would you LIKE them to sound like....Nickelback?? Again, lyrics lyrics lyrics.

Need something a bit more intense -- how about sophisticated and humble, genuine emotion, just the context of this clip would make me go out and buy this buy buy!

Hats off to Viva Voce, the two piece outfit from Portland who put on a FANTASTIC show. Just check out how sultry and beautiful and elgant this chick is, as she thrashes this guitar!

OOOO, and somewhere in the course of the day, Roland and Mike D went to the EMP, and recorded a song, Roland on the drums, Mike D on the lead guitar, they are selling tickets for 60 bucks a pop.

Also, a pic of Rolando and I in West Seattle, situated right on the Pudget Sound with mountains in the background, absolute beautiful, just like that fat roll on my belly :) --!

Last but not least, the bar called Chapel, that used to be a morgue. Rumor has it that Bruce Lee was creamated here. Reguardless, a great atmosphere :)

Pardon the mispellings, my google spellcheck bar isn't working either :(

Saturday, February 17, 2007

So, When They Tap our Mundane Heads, To Zombie-Walk in our Stead

What a trip to Jet City! Too bad its officially a week later I'm finally able to catch up. Where to begin, where to begin?!

Why not, how bout a picture of me with a beer in my hand, a Pabst Blue Ribbon to be exact. I equate this beer in taste and strange popularity with hip culture with our home sweet home (vomit) Lone Star.

That's my buddy Kyle and I, I met him seems like a thousand years ago at a Weezer show, we were both Radiohead fanatics at the time, and I see him about once a year nowadays. He showed us a great time, as he is known as 'urgoodtimeguide' to friends around him.

Rolando, at the last minute joins us from Los Angeles, as we are all devout Shins fans, and it's always great to have a 'guys weekend out.' Down at Pike's Market, where the seafood is fresh and the oysters are still gross, Roland spots a cheese store and purchases some homeade cheese.

Amoung the 'touristy' things we did was climb, not literally but in an elevator to the top of the space needle. Here's a picture of me and Mr photogenic up there.

When Kyle took the night by the hand, that's when the adventures began, first stop, the Rendezvous, a sweet little place that had a small 'theatre' in the middle, and a posh-ish 'party room' up top, the atomsphere was great, the lads restroom was labeled 'guns' and the dames labeled 'roses', kinda cool --- also there was a shuffelboard table about half the size I'm used to seeing.

Next was the Lava Lounge, and truthfully I don't remember the jist of this place, just remembered it was 'cool.'

The followup to the Lounge was a place called 'Shortys,' full of clown swag and the PINBALL COVE in the back.

Kyle wanted to beat this score on this game to 'show this chick up.' The score to beat, 88,000,000. Not only did he beat the score, but Pekard says he obliterated it!

Ok, after this, we went to a few seedy places near the market, a 'reading bar,' where people bring their books in and read and drink beer, which was kinda odd.

To end the Pike Market stint, we headed to a burleque show, had a few jugs of wine, listened to some great singers, and saw 'the mother of burlesque' in Seattle, a beauty who teaches it there. For more information, urgoodtimeguide now promotes rockabilly and burlesque.

Rounding out the evening we went to Pioneer Square, one of the many Sixth-Street-but-not-quite-Sixth-Street places in Seatown. Last place, Cowgirls Inc, the Seattle version of 'Coyote Ugly' Austin, but 1 million times better. We went obviously for the mechanical bull and that ride, but Kyle couldn't resist requesting some AC/DC and watching all the 'Cowgirls' hop on the bar to dance.

I couldn't resist the video.

Last of the evening the LONG WALK in the general direction of home, with a hotdog full of CREAM CHEESE, who would have thunk it, but VERY pleasing after a night of PBR, Manny's, Pike Pale, jager bombs and a nice jug of wine or two.

A strange mixed buzz, great times, lots of walkin', tremendous ground covered.

Friday, February 16, 2007

We're Outta Groceries Again, Ain't Got No Money To Spend, The Credit Card is Maxed Out....

Tomorrow me and Mike D hop a flight to Seattle, meeting Rolando from LA there, and hanging with with buddies Kyle and Sahala.

Let's see, Mike D's a Shins fanatic, so we are going to see them at the Paramount Theater, and we're likely to drive up to Vancouver, check things out there, and back by Monday. Presidents Day state holiday, gotta love it.

Hopefully you can take hair gel on the plane these days, otherwise they'll say, ummm, sir, you're going to have to check you toiletry bag.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Louise Only got from Me Innocent Poetry, Although She Played to not Listen

Calexico with Iron and Wine is what is jammin' thru the headphone at Epoch Coffee this evening. This place is the bomb, although I feel out of place without an IBook.

I really dig the 'f*ck off' Starbucks logo, not that I'm a hater, just like to see the 'mom and pop shops' getting the attention they deserve

Right down the street from this place are some condos I'd like to live in......, the only bad part they are overlooking an ash cemetery. :( --

What does one do at a coffee house other than socialize? Plenty reading about SAML and other wonderful things like this. Of course I have to check out all the social networking stops, too.

Well two double vanilla lattes later, I'm buzzin, time to go home, I think this will be a normal stop.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

who could ever ever ask for more, love without complications galore

sure enough, a line from the Dresden Dolls....spent my evening at Room 710, snagged a video of the 'red teasers' aka my friend ashley do a hula hoop gig.

Poetry and Flowers Pretty Words and Threats

The day where everything turns red and capitalism cashes in. Whatever one may think of this day, whatever one may think of whatever they are in or not in, just remember, wherever you go, there you are.

Personally, after pigging out with the family on this lovely heart shaped masterpiece from Mangia, I'm happy.

Sunday, February 11, 2007


What can I say? If it weren't for fine German Beer and chips, I'd be very fit. Have you ever stopped to think about how many times per day you are tempted with a nice tasty bag of chips? Even at work we've developed a NASTY habit of ordering 'chips and queso' before the meal.

Last Saturday, the beast and I went to Vtown to hang out, and at least 6 times, I was presented an option to get some chips, and finally inadvertently we went into Casa Ole, and once again, MORE CHIPS!

I've also heard just recently there was a 'History of Chips' documentary on the Learning Channel.

I have to be like Ben Steller in Dodgeball, the aversion techniques as it pertains to chips. When the chip nears my mouth, SHOCK!

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Right Through the Explosion Display, Another Fine Outing, Pointing and Shouting, 'Look it's Baseball'

The something annual Shiner High School Alumni Baseball game, 2007, ahhh, what a pleasure to hop out there on the field again. It's as American as American can get, and I've always had a soft-ish spot in my soul for baseball, maybe I was a baseball player in a previous life.

Baseball is a great sport, just boring if you are an outfielder. Back in the day, when the pitcher would walk people, I'd get angry, start drifting, and then 'clink,' here comes the ball to wake me up the hard way. Yea, you could say I was in right field watching the dandelions grow.

Today --- everyone was announced, here's so and so, he's all state, batting average 700, here's so and so, he's a bada$$, here's 'Bill' state tourney this year and that. I was just waiting for them to announce me, this is Robert Bruns, he was a trouble maker and a $hit talker. Well, I could get a dugout worked up into a crazy frenzy, and that always was great fun.

Marty and Ryan, my two great buds and I shared the outfield duties in high school, and we dubbed ourselves 'Britches Boyz' == we even made shirts proudly bearing the slogan 'Nasty as we Wanna Be' on the back.

Well, a few more pounds on the waist, but still ready to 'play ball.' It sucked, I even got my Blackalicious shirt a bit dirty due to a head first slide into third base. In the midst of purple and gold, there's Mr Green Shirt.

Well, I didn't kill myself, and I even got a hit one at bat. The last at bat, some 16 year old struck me out --- 1 and 2 count, I knew the curve was coming and still took a grand slam cut at it, but to no avail.

To end the post, here's my top 10 baseball memories from back in the day, in no particular order.

One - Hitting a double against Mr East Benard, hopping off the bag, getting tagged out by the old hidden ball trick, coach gets angry, chews me out, then kicks a bag angrily all up on Marty.

Two - A 'professional' ball player came up to practice with us one day. I threw 3 whiffle balls out of the machine at Ryan, as we were horsin' around, only to be monitored by out coach, yea trouble for me again.

Three - Those damn Saturday double headers, sunburn and arm feeling like it was going to fall off.

Four - Dugout banter -- Chee Chee Pa Pa, Ditish, Big Whiffa, etc, etc, etc

Five - Some dudes on the team, after messing up, would either look at the bat, the ball or glove, as if it was the objects failure.

Six - Freezin out in the outfield, pitcher walking everyone, seemed like forever we were out there sometimes, and some of our pitchers disgruntled reactions, etc.

Seven - Britches Boyz would always go take down the flag after the game, and march back in with the 'Wizard of Oz' O-E-O- OO goin. -- damn that was crazy funny silly

Eight - Getting to practice 1 hour late, in my dorky white tennis shorts, getting 8 cuts on the field, about half of them 'yard', over the fence.

Nine - Being an 'intergral' part of the team, but when tennis starts, getting benched, but the last game of senior season, I got to start and and hit a bomb in Flatonia.

Ten - Teamwork, having a great coach / person teaching you the ropes, regardless of if I agreed or not.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

From the Bible of 'None of the Above'

In regards to my 'name that blog posting,' my brother in law solicits my opinion on the following two questions. Six Warsteiners deep into the evening, I'll attempt to answer the questions.

Should Barack Obama's admitted drug use be an issue in the campaign? Will Barak's admitting to drug use, while Bush refusing to admit/deny the issue, foreshadow Barak being more open (than Bush) before taking unilateral action?

For clarification sake, I threw a little Clintox in the mix.
To answer these questions, I believe that one must access their definition of morality. Let's see, the last two presidents, one committed perjury as it pertains to fellatio, and the other sent thousands of troops and civilians to die at 'war.'

In a race for morality, no one wins, which is why a political race should be ran with different criteria. People are paid big bucks to dig up stink on politicians in the information era, where every move you make is recorded, but guess what, no one is perfect, not even Jesus, for those of you who have recollected and read the Gospel of Thomas, which recalls stories of Jesus striking down a kid to death for tripping him. The moralists want to quote scripture, I might as well too.

Another issue to get past, is who lies and who doesn't, and the extent of holistic damage of a lie. When the stakes are high (and the stakes ARE high in a presidential race), people will distort the truth as the see it fit. I applaud Obama for telling the truth before the dirt diggers exploit this and use it against him, the buck stopped with him, and there is no speculation about what it all means or how to interpret it.

There are others that try to legislate morality, furthermore, there are others that are too weak or inarticulate to admit to human frailties (without using it as a 'I'm just me' weapon for political favor.) The current political machine uses fear, religious propaganda and morality as a weapon, saying it is the voice of the 'common man,' when in actuality the voice of the moderate common man is has been forgotten in politics in this day and age.

In terms of unilateral action, the fascist and the congress are to blame for the quagmire in Iraq, but our 'moral' president brought this issue to the forefront of political activity. Personally, I believe the human casualties suffered due to this is in far greater significance than lying about fellatio. I don't advocate lying under any means, however, if you think the children's morality has suffered due to a sexually immoral president, interview some 15 years olds about the subject before and after the presidential influence and crunch the numbers, and even if they are 'compelling,' what's the matter with it? (my opinion on morality again shines thru)

Would Bama LISTEN to others, yes, I don't think there are too many people that are more stubborn than the current president, and he is a 'god lovin' man, but believes in the separation of church and state, much like Goldwater. Moderate thinking will suggest, 'believe in Jesus, but keep him out of the white house,' and talk to your former Secretary of State Colin Powell more than you hop on the mystic hotline.

I think it's admirable that Bama spoke up about drug use, and I don't use my influence in politics on a moral subject matter, and if Bush appeared in front of grand jury, pearly gates or anything other 'judge of character,' you make your own decision. Base it on your own definition of morality, and your gut feeling of who is a better leader, not political affiliation.

It will be an interesting race, interesting in what comes up in the arguments 'haters' will use in defense of what boils down to their subtle or not so subtle prejudices. I've seen it happen already in my small hometown Texas village.

Utopia, as long as humans walk the earth will not be achieved, and I applaud people who will treat terrorism as a crime rather than a war, and be honest about things that count.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

And Here's To You the Blue Wide Open, Get Me Off This Cursed Land, Back When My Heart Remained Unbroken, Time was a Footstep in the Sand

Songs of Innocence and Experience, a work by William Blake I picked up a few years back comes to mind while I listen to the washed out sounds of Kite Flying Society.

Wasn't it nice being an innocent child? Back in the olden' days, I used to marvel at the small town trade shows, I would think general stores had an abundance of supplies, I used to be scared of your typical small town Barney Fife policeman, and my dream car was a Ford Bronco II, and it was priced a mere $13,911 USD. I'll spare you the rest of the you are a child of the 80's IF stuff, but that applied to me too, and sometimes, yes, sometimes, I do miss my mullet.

Now, I'm a hater, I'm a warped frustrated 'city boy,' whose read a lot of books, been exposed to a lot of ideas, been over the pond 5 times in search of perspective. Yea, all fine and dandy, but due to the perspective gained, it's hard to balance it on a plate. I'm sure the same applies to having children, or any other challenging adult situation one encounters in life. I think it's hard to hold on to innocence / regain innocence...perhaps it's easier with kids?

Peace of mind is a combination between innocence and experience, as you grow in experience, it's important to keep lookin' back on those younger days to get back perspective. I enjoy crunching my brain when it comes to complicated problems, but sometimes I want to be a potato farmer somewhere with a view and 'live off the land,' and it's these two things that occupy my thoughts from time to time and in some cases, action to action.

In the end, the guy who gets dumped is the one that creates the vivid heartfelt poetry that inspires the hearts and minds of the Hallmark card writers. The guy, or girl who raises potatoes, if in times of nuclear war, created from 'intelligent ignorance' is the one I want to be close to, the self sufficient simple warrior. Both are needed in life, both are essential to peace of mind and mindfulness.

Next Topic --- We can play 'name that topic' --- I've asked random friends what should I 'blog about' next --- The answers ranged from peas, global thermal nuclear warfare, Obamas Audacity's, what I had for lunch.....Any suggestions?

Monday, February 05, 2007

Cheap, Never Cheap, I'll Sing You Songs till you're Asleep -- When You've gone Upstairs I'll Creep and Write it All Down

Happy Monday, tonight after a potential Austin Music Blog meeting, I'm killin' time by playing with style sheets. 53 cool things to do with style sheets, it's fun :) -- Lots has been going on in the mind, just not a lot of time to pop it out there, but I'll unclug the pipes here, at least for a while.

A little bird told me that 30% of employers 'google search' your name when you are a perspective employee. I thought about this, and is it best to show up #1 on the google search results when you type in this, or is it better to sink into the world of the tangled web. I say, why not be the #1 hit on google when they search for the one of the 100+ of them. I would think it shows good understand and tenacity to 'get to the top,' or maybe it's just luck and the other ones of them just aren't that active. I'm weighing my options with a new career, and I personally don't see a problem with 'personal' content on the web, as long as its not flammatory to your institution or others.

Finally finished Atlas Shrugged, the book is pretty depressing, takes you on a downward spiral the first 998 pages of fine print, the last two say, 'lets rebuild all this crap,' pretty anti-climatic, but probably the best book I've ever seen about getting it's point across. I've attemted it 3 times, I've gotten 3 different meanings from it --- 1st Time, I got from it, don't ask questions no one can answer -- 3rd time clarification I think, well someone's gotta answer them, or pave the way for the answer. 2nd Time, the government sucks, 3rd time around, the goverment yes, it is inefficient and yes, that sucks obviously, also on the third time I've taken into account to power of the special interest lobby (weather that be save my profit margin or save the trees) -- throws a kink that will take a while to work out and figure out what's 'objective' in my mind. 3rd time, man, it's individualism, I have this finally, and if it's worth anything suffering thru a challenging prose like that, its this 'central theme.' I'll elaborate on this more and more as the weeks go by, because there is a lot here to dissect. Now I'm on to an entertain 'short version' of Proust entitled How Proust can Change Your Life.

I'm working on losing 15 pounds this month, the family is calling me walrus, and mike p called me tubby the other day. I'm in great shape, just got the dreaded 'beer gut' -- 30 minutes to an hour on the treadmill 4 days a week will do the trick, no more cokes, and no more french fries on the intake part. I guess you could say I've got some 'happy fat,' as its been a time to relax a bit more than usual in the last month or so, but its time for that to go. As they say, your body is your vessle in life, take care of her, and that's what I'm trying to do.

More focused concise postings to come, I'm trying to get some shape or reason to this blog, the 'wrapper' and 'inner wrapper' need a bit work. Wish me luck, I need this site to look better than this. Whateva ASHTON!!!

Sunday, February 04, 2007

I Heard her Story from Across the Sea, There was Never one as Fair, Lovely as She

Happy 73 to MUMMY! --- The party was at Darlene's house, lots fun, lots of kids roaming around, and yes, lots of the dreaded dry turkey to eat!

The family poll suggest that, although they appreciate my deep and cynical ramblings on life, they like the 'what did I do for dinner postings better, etc, etc. Rest assured, once life settles once again I'll be out on the town with some blogworthy material. Lots of family showed up, Austinites, Houstonites, San Antonio-ites, and other podunk-ville-ites.

Since I'm camera-less, I've had to rely on pictures taken by friends, in this case, Ashton, sending me the absolute worse pictures of me. Yea, I'm running around, playing football, soccer, etc with kids all day, sit down to take a bit, and Ashton starts snappin' pictures. The family HAS in fact adopted the name 'walrus' for me, I don't mind I suppose.

Happy Birthday to Mum, I'm sure she's got at least 20 more in her!