Tuesday, February 06, 2007

And Here's To You the Blue Wide Open, Get Me Off This Cursed Land, Back When My Heart Remained Unbroken, Time was a Footstep in the Sand

Songs of Innocence and Experience, a work by William Blake I picked up a few years back comes to mind while I listen to the washed out sounds of Kite Flying Society.

Wasn't it nice being an innocent child? Back in the olden' days, I used to marvel at the small town trade shows, I would think general stores had an abundance of supplies, I used to be scared of your typical small town Barney Fife policeman, and my dream car was a Ford Bronco II, and it was priced a mere $13,911 USD. I'll spare you the rest of the you are a child of the 80's IF stuff, but that applied to me too, and sometimes, yes, sometimes, I do miss my mullet.

Now, I'm a hater, I'm a warped frustrated 'city boy,' whose read a lot of books, been exposed to a lot of ideas, been over the pond 5 times in search of perspective. Yea, all fine and dandy, but due to the perspective gained, it's hard to balance it on a plate. I'm sure the same applies to having children, or any other challenging adult situation one encounters in life. I think it's hard to hold on to innocence / regain innocence...perhaps it's easier with kids?

Peace of mind is a combination between innocence and experience, as you grow in experience, it's important to keep lookin' back on those younger days to get back perspective. I enjoy crunching my brain when it comes to complicated problems, but sometimes I want to be a potato farmer somewhere with a view and 'live off the land,' and it's these two things that occupy my thoughts from time to time and in some cases, action to action.

In the end, the guy who gets dumped is the one that creates the vivid heartfelt poetry that inspires the hearts and minds of the Hallmark card writers. The guy, or girl who raises potatoes, if in times of nuclear war, created from 'intelligent ignorance' is the one I want to be close to, the self sufficient simple warrior. Both are needed in life, both are essential to peace of mind and mindfulness.

Next Topic --- We can play 'name that topic' --- I've asked random friends what should I 'blog about' next --- The answers ranged from peas, global thermal nuclear warfare, Obamas Audacity's, what I had for lunch.....Any suggestions?


-miss useless- said...

I must say, I've always adored William Blake's writings. He amazes me with his poetry.

I like reading your blogs. They make me think about what I'm doing and where I'm headed.


Shannon Gillar Of The Sugarland Gillars said...

Name the Topic:

"Should Barack Obama's admitted drug use be an issue in the campaign?"


"Will Barak's admitting to drug use, while Bush refusing to admit/deny the issue, foreshadow Barak being more open (than Bush) before taking unilateral action?"