Sunday, February 25, 2007

Fortune Comes a Crawlin, Calliope Woman, Spinnin that Curious Sense of Your Own

Pride and envy, the feelings I get when I open the inbox and see things like this. If you recall Toshi from way back when, well he's galavanding all over the world, currently working in India, and for his birthday this year Taj Mahal.

Toshi, what can I say about this guy, he cultured me a lot, and I miss his influence on my life, but I know one day I'll get to visit him in Japan, and we are going to eat all sorts of crazy stuff, and see all kinds of awesome things.

Nope, no photoshop here. There ARE a few people checkin' the place out.

Keep up the good work Toshi, next weekend I'll be in the EXOTIC Shiner, Texas! hahaha

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