Wednesday, February 07, 2007

From the Bible of 'None of the Above'

In regards to my 'name that blog posting,' my brother in law solicits my opinion on the following two questions. Six Warsteiners deep into the evening, I'll attempt to answer the questions.

Should Barack Obama's admitted drug use be an issue in the campaign? Will Barak's admitting to drug use, while Bush refusing to admit/deny the issue, foreshadow Barak being more open (than Bush) before taking unilateral action?

For clarification sake, I threw a little Clintox in the mix.
To answer these questions, I believe that one must access their definition of morality. Let's see, the last two presidents, one committed perjury as it pertains to fellatio, and the other sent thousands of troops and civilians to die at 'war.'

In a race for morality, no one wins, which is why a political race should be ran with different criteria. People are paid big bucks to dig up stink on politicians in the information era, where every move you make is recorded, but guess what, no one is perfect, not even Jesus, for those of you who have recollected and read the Gospel of Thomas, which recalls stories of Jesus striking down a kid to death for tripping him. The moralists want to quote scripture, I might as well too.

Another issue to get past, is who lies and who doesn't, and the extent of holistic damage of a lie. When the stakes are high (and the stakes ARE high in a presidential race), people will distort the truth as the see it fit. I applaud Obama for telling the truth before the dirt diggers exploit this and use it against him, the buck stopped with him, and there is no speculation about what it all means or how to interpret it.

There are others that try to legislate morality, furthermore, there are others that are too weak or inarticulate to admit to human frailties (without using it as a 'I'm just me' weapon for political favor.) The current political machine uses fear, religious propaganda and morality as a weapon, saying it is the voice of the 'common man,' when in actuality the voice of the moderate common man is has been forgotten in politics in this day and age.

In terms of unilateral action, the fascist and the congress are to blame for the quagmire in Iraq, but our 'moral' president brought this issue to the forefront of political activity. Personally, I believe the human casualties suffered due to this is in far greater significance than lying about fellatio. I don't advocate lying under any means, however, if you think the children's morality has suffered due to a sexually immoral president, interview some 15 years olds about the subject before and after the presidential influence and crunch the numbers, and even if they are 'compelling,' what's the matter with it? (my opinion on morality again shines thru)

Would Bama LISTEN to others, yes, I don't think there are too many people that are more stubborn than the current president, and he is a 'god lovin' man, but believes in the separation of church and state, much like Goldwater. Moderate thinking will suggest, 'believe in Jesus, but keep him out of the white house,' and talk to your former Secretary of State Colin Powell more than you hop on the mystic hotline.

I think it's admirable that Bama spoke up about drug use, and I don't use my influence in politics on a moral subject matter, and if Bush appeared in front of grand jury, pearly gates or anything other 'judge of character,' you make your own decision. Base it on your own definition of morality, and your gut feeling of who is a better leader, not political affiliation.

It will be an interesting race, interesting in what comes up in the arguments 'haters' will use in defense of what boils down to their subtle or not so subtle prejudices. I've seen it happen already in my small hometown Texas village.

Utopia, as long as humans walk the earth will not be achieved, and I applaud people who will treat terrorism as a crime rather than a war, and be honest about things that count.


Lee said...

Someday I hope you will be able to grow up and wake up to the fact that there are millions of people out there that want to kill you, behead you, disembowel you, your family and your friends simply because you do not believe in their god. They do not care if you like them or not, do not care if you believe or do not believe in another religion or not and, based on the story coming out of England last week, really do not care if you are Muslim or not. They want to kill you because a number of REAL fascists, fanatics that are afraid of losing their power to hold their own kind as slaves, to rape, maim and kill as they please is being threatened and they do not like it. Save the people of Darfur but damned be the poor of Iraq. Bring prosperity to the rest of the world but screw the oppressed of North Korea. What is morality that says that we should only bring freedom and safety and prosperity ONLY when it means that we don’t cut our finger or stub our toe. True freedom costs. It costs money and it costs lives, but if we are to be a moral country then we must recognize our responsibility to the world and endure that price. It is our moral responsibility and nothing less can be expected of us.

And by the way, what about the troops that went to Bosnia, Somalia and Haiti all in the name of freeing a people suffering genocide under a dictator or do we not remember Slickmeister Bill’s excursions into war. And like any true Democrat he cuts support after he got his press coverage and damned the troops (i.e. Blackhawk Down). And perhaps you believe that when the chief legal officer in the country feels that it is okay to lie to the people that hired him, lie to a grand jury under oath and make a concerted effort to ruin the lives of several women just to discredit their testimony is an acceptable practice for a Commander in Chief, but I will take the “fascist” that will take the political hits to protect his country and to seek freedom for any people being enslaved by brutal dictatorships any day of the week.

Obama is toast because Hillary will do anything up to and probably including murder to see he does not win, but remember these truths also:

If he is a Democrat then by definition he is a liar
If he is a Democrat then by definition he is socialist
If he is a Democrat then he is anti-military and weak on our security and defense
If he is a democrat he will bury his country and his people for the sake of power.

Moral? Some interesting definitions you have.

Anonymous said...

Lee - Glad to see you are so committed to freedom. You are willing to sacrifice lives to bring others freedom.

Do you own a gun?

When is the going away party for you to go to Iraq (then north korea etc)?

Oh! So it is other peoples lives you want to sacrifice for Iraq's freedom.