Sunday, February 04, 2007

I Heard her Story from Across the Sea, There was Never one as Fair, Lovely as She

Happy 73 to MUMMY! --- The party was at Darlene's house, lots fun, lots of kids roaming around, and yes, lots of the dreaded dry turkey to eat!

The family poll suggest that, although they appreciate my deep and cynical ramblings on life, they like the 'what did I do for dinner postings better, etc, etc. Rest assured, once life settles once again I'll be out on the town with some blogworthy material. Lots of family showed up, Austinites, Houstonites, San Antonio-ites, and other podunk-ville-ites.

Since I'm camera-less, I've had to rely on pictures taken by friends, in this case, Ashton, sending me the absolute worse pictures of me. Yea, I'm running around, playing football, soccer, etc with kids all day, sit down to take a bit, and Ashton starts snappin' pictures. The family HAS in fact adopted the name 'walrus' for me, I don't mind I suppose.

Happy Birthday to Mum, I'm sure she's got at least 20 more in her!


Shannon Gillar Of The Sugarland Gillars said...

Blogs are for you man!. Write what you enjoy writing. Don’t let us critics dictate what you write. Bring on the cynical ramblings…

Ashton said...