Thursday, February 15, 2007

Louise Only got from Me Innocent Poetry, Although She Played to not Listen

Calexico with Iron and Wine is what is jammin' thru the headphone at Epoch Coffee this evening. This place is the bomb, although I feel out of place without an IBook.

I really dig the 'f*ck off' Starbucks logo, not that I'm a hater, just like to see the 'mom and pop shops' getting the attention they deserve

Right down the street from this place are some condos I'd like to live in......, the only bad part they are overlooking an ash cemetery. :( --

What does one do at a coffee house other than socialize? Plenty reading about SAML and other wonderful things like this. Of course I have to check out all the social networking stops, too.

Well two double vanilla lattes later, I'm buzzin, time to go home, I think this will be a normal stop.


Anonymous said...

Hello there Starbuck,

thanx for the calexi-quote.
I fell in love with that song, but did not know the name of it so googled for 'innocent poetry'. Iron and Wine is in my list of favourite songs now.
Greetingz from the Netherlands,


Innocent Love Poems In Hindi said...

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