Saturday, February 17, 2007

So, When They Tap our Mundane Heads, To Zombie-Walk in our Stead

What a trip to Jet City! Too bad its officially a week later I'm finally able to catch up. Where to begin, where to begin?!

Why not, how bout a picture of me with a beer in my hand, a Pabst Blue Ribbon to be exact. I equate this beer in taste and strange popularity with hip culture with our home sweet home (vomit) Lone Star.

That's my buddy Kyle and I, I met him seems like a thousand years ago at a Weezer show, we were both Radiohead fanatics at the time, and I see him about once a year nowadays. He showed us a great time, as he is known as 'urgoodtimeguide' to friends around him.

Rolando, at the last minute joins us from Los Angeles, as we are all devout Shins fans, and it's always great to have a 'guys weekend out.' Down at Pike's Market, where the seafood is fresh and the oysters are still gross, Roland spots a cheese store and purchases some homeade cheese.

Amoung the 'touristy' things we did was climb, not literally but in an elevator to the top of the space needle. Here's a picture of me and Mr photogenic up there.

When Kyle took the night by the hand, that's when the adventures began, first stop, the Rendezvous, a sweet little place that had a small 'theatre' in the middle, and a posh-ish 'party room' up top, the atomsphere was great, the lads restroom was labeled 'guns' and the dames labeled 'roses', kinda cool --- also there was a shuffelboard table about half the size I'm used to seeing.

Next was the Lava Lounge, and truthfully I don't remember the jist of this place, just remembered it was 'cool.'

The followup to the Lounge was a place called 'Shortys,' full of clown swag and the PINBALL COVE in the back.

Kyle wanted to beat this score on this game to 'show this chick up.' The score to beat, 88,000,000. Not only did he beat the score, but Pekard says he obliterated it!

Ok, after this, we went to a few seedy places near the market, a 'reading bar,' where people bring their books in and read and drink beer, which was kinda odd.

To end the Pike Market stint, we headed to a burleque show, had a few jugs of wine, listened to some great singers, and saw 'the mother of burlesque' in Seattle, a beauty who teaches it there. For more information, urgoodtimeguide now promotes rockabilly and burlesque.

Rounding out the evening we went to Pioneer Square, one of the many Sixth-Street-but-not-quite-Sixth-Street places in Seatown. Last place, Cowgirls Inc, the Seattle version of 'Coyote Ugly' Austin, but 1 million times better. We went obviously for the mechanical bull and that ride, but Kyle couldn't resist requesting some AC/DC and watching all the 'Cowgirls' hop on the bar to dance.

I couldn't resist the video.

Last of the evening the LONG WALK in the general direction of home, with a hotdog full of CREAM CHEESE, who would have thunk it, but VERY pleasing after a night of PBR, Manny's, Pike Pale, jager bombs and a nice jug of wine or two.

A strange mixed buzz, great times, lots of walkin', tremendous ground covered.

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