Monday, February 05, 2007

Cheap, Never Cheap, I'll Sing You Songs till you're Asleep -- When You've gone Upstairs I'll Creep and Write it All Down

Happy Monday, tonight after a potential Austin Music Blog meeting, I'm killin' time by playing with style sheets. 53 cool things to do with style sheets, it's fun :) -- Lots has been going on in the mind, just not a lot of time to pop it out there, but I'll unclug the pipes here, at least for a while.

A little bird told me that 30% of employers 'google search' your name when you are a perspective employee. I thought about this, and is it best to show up #1 on the google search results when you type in this, or is it better to sink into the world of the tangled web. I say, why not be the #1 hit on google when they search for the one of the 100+ of them. I would think it shows good understand and tenacity to 'get to the top,' or maybe it's just luck and the other ones of them just aren't that active. I'm weighing my options with a new career, and I personally don't see a problem with 'personal' content on the web, as long as its not flammatory to your institution or others.

Finally finished Atlas Shrugged, the book is pretty depressing, takes you on a downward spiral the first 998 pages of fine print, the last two say, 'lets rebuild all this crap,' pretty anti-climatic, but probably the best book I've ever seen about getting it's point across. I've attemted it 3 times, I've gotten 3 different meanings from it --- 1st Time, I got from it, don't ask questions no one can answer -- 3rd time clarification I think, well someone's gotta answer them, or pave the way for the answer. 2nd Time, the government sucks, 3rd time around, the goverment yes, it is inefficient and yes, that sucks obviously, also on the third time I've taken into account to power of the special interest lobby (weather that be save my profit margin or save the trees) -- throws a kink that will take a while to work out and figure out what's 'objective' in my mind. 3rd time, man, it's individualism, I have this finally, and if it's worth anything suffering thru a challenging prose like that, its this 'central theme.' I'll elaborate on this more and more as the weeks go by, because there is a lot here to dissect. Now I'm on to an entertain 'short version' of Proust entitled How Proust can Change Your Life.

I'm working on losing 15 pounds this month, the family is calling me walrus, and mike p called me tubby the other day. I'm in great shape, just got the dreaded 'beer gut' -- 30 minutes to an hour on the treadmill 4 days a week will do the trick, no more cokes, and no more french fries on the intake part. I guess you could say I've got some 'happy fat,' as its been a time to relax a bit more than usual in the last month or so, but its time for that to go. As they say, your body is your vessle in life, take care of her, and that's what I'm trying to do.

More focused concise postings to come, I'm trying to get some shape or reason to this blog, the 'wrapper' and 'inner wrapper' need a bit work. Wish me luck, I need this site to look better than this. Whateva ASHTON!!!


-miss useless- said...

I've read her other books...I'm just now starting to tackle Atlas Shrugged... I think I'll enjoy it from what you've said about it.

BTW...when are we going to hang out again?? ;)


Shannon Gillar Of The Sugarland Gillars said...

Try this

"Robert Bruns" Austin
. You move up in the list...