Saturday, February 10, 2007

Right Through the Explosion Display, Another Fine Outing, Pointing and Shouting, 'Look it's Baseball'

The something annual Shiner High School Alumni Baseball game, 2007, ahhh, what a pleasure to hop out there on the field again. It's as American as American can get, and I've always had a soft-ish spot in my soul for baseball, maybe I was a baseball player in a previous life.

Baseball is a great sport, just boring if you are an outfielder. Back in the day, when the pitcher would walk people, I'd get angry, start drifting, and then 'clink,' here comes the ball to wake me up the hard way. Yea, you could say I was in right field watching the dandelions grow.

Today --- everyone was announced, here's so and so, he's all state, batting average 700, here's so and so, he's a bada$$, here's 'Bill' state tourney this year and that. I was just waiting for them to announce me, this is Robert Bruns, he was a trouble maker and a $hit talker. Well, I could get a dugout worked up into a crazy frenzy, and that always was great fun.

Marty and Ryan, my two great buds and I shared the outfield duties in high school, and we dubbed ourselves 'Britches Boyz' == we even made shirts proudly bearing the slogan 'Nasty as we Wanna Be' on the back.

Well, a few more pounds on the waist, but still ready to 'play ball.' It sucked, I even got my Blackalicious shirt a bit dirty due to a head first slide into third base. In the midst of purple and gold, there's Mr Green Shirt.

Well, I didn't kill myself, and I even got a hit one at bat. The last at bat, some 16 year old struck me out --- 1 and 2 count, I knew the curve was coming and still took a grand slam cut at it, but to no avail.

To end the post, here's my top 10 baseball memories from back in the day, in no particular order.

One - Hitting a double against Mr East Benard, hopping off the bag, getting tagged out by the old hidden ball trick, coach gets angry, chews me out, then kicks a bag angrily all up on Marty.

Two - A 'professional' ball player came up to practice with us one day. I threw 3 whiffle balls out of the machine at Ryan, as we were horsin' around, only to be monitored by out coach, yea trouble for me again.

Three - Those damn Saturday double headers, sunburn and arm feeling like it was going to fall off.

Four - Dugout banter -- Chee Chee Pa Pa, Ditish, Big Whiffa, etc, etc, etc

Five - Some dudes on the team, after messing up, would either look at the bat, the ball or glove, as if it was the objects failure.

Six - Freezin out in the outfield, pitcher walking everyone, seemed like forever we were out there sometimes, and some of our pitchers disgruntled reactions, etc.

Seven - Britches Boyz would always go take down the flag after the game, and march back in with the 'Wizard of Oz' O-E-O- OO goin. -- damn that was crazy funny silly

Eight - Getting to practice 1 hour late, in my dorky white tennis shorts, getting 8 cuts on the field, about half of them 'yard', over the fence.

Nine - Being an 'intergral' part of the team, but when tennis starts, getting benched, but the last game of senior season, I got to start and and hit a bomb in Flatonia.

Ten - Teamwork, having a great coach / person teaching you the ropes, regardless of if I agreed or not.

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