Monday, February 26, 2007

silent diverted indifferent

the setting, crown and anchor pub, one of my favorites in austin, i'm sitting here with ashley, and she's doing an assignment for her writing class, she has to describe something.

i'm going to share her pain, tonight, i will write about inspiration, from none other than the crown and anchor bathroom, a place in which i spent many wobbly nights.

for the last HOWEVER long, i've read the graffiti on the crown wall, and there's a profound statement hovering in the 'main stall,' and the whole slogan I can't make out, but it's about religion, and other words include silent, diverted, divided, indifferent.

recently i heard a self help book that says 'religion divides, spirituality binds', and wow, what a message that is.

on the silent, diverted, indifferent part, its amazing when you look at society in large, and how many are afraid of what they don't understand, and steps they achieve to obtain 'comfort.'

luckily for society, there are plenty of diversions, even for the movers and shakers in the world who value self-enrichment without self-fulfillment.

oooo, ashleys topic, descriptive. I've sitting here, in the 'public' area of crown, many familiar faces, crusty old wooden tables, darts, great pub food, a 'rustic' environment, stacks of the austin chronicle and austin's latest arrival 'the onion' (which has great shirts by the way), free wifi, a nice pint or three of stella, nerds beside me talking about linux and open source, and yes, the bathroom, yes, the bathroom, with an elevated 'thunder mug' and the 'horse trough' most dudes piss in.

well that's my two cents for the evening, I stumbled in here tonight after an Austin Music Foundation event at the Gibson Guitar Center, where some really smart and cool dudes talked about music, go out and check it out wheneva.

ps -- my google toolbar spellchecker for firefox seems to have kept the formatting of what it thinks is mispelled words, and the words I had to correct because of mispellings.

that's enough rambling for the evening.

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