Sunday, February 18, 2007

We Can Blow on our Thumbs and Posture, But the Lonely is Such Delicate Things

Insightful, clever, intense, deep, happy, sad, depressed all rolled up into one? Meet your daddy, his name is James Mercer of The Shins. I'll spare the tributes to this wonderful band, let's just say that in the 1,000 of wanna-be's in the world of indie rock, this is the tallest blade of grass, and they got their by sheer talent, compromising nothing, selling out to no one. Music people who read this blog, I'll challange anyone on my sentiments that these boys are the voice of society's undercurrent.

The Paramount, Seattle, simply amazing to see a venue. Four stories, 3 balconies, and back to back sold out perfomances.

Someone told me once they didn't like The Shins because they sound too much like The Beatles, well damn, how would you LIKE them to sound like....Nickelback?? Again, lyrics lyrics lyrics.

Need something a bit more intense -- how about sophisticated and humble, genuine emotion, just the context of this clip would make me go out and buy this buy buy!

Hats off to Viva Voce, the two piece outfit from Portland who put on a FANTASTIC show. Just check out how sultry and beautiful and elgant this chick is, as she thrashes this guitar!

OOOO, and somewhere in the course of the day, Roland and Mike D went to the EMP, and recorded a song, Roland on the drums, Mike D on the lead guitar, they are selling tickets for 60 bucks a pop.

Also, a pic of Rolando and I in West Seattle, situated right on the Pudget Sound with mountains in the background, absolute beautiful, just like that fat roll on my belly :) --!

Last but not least, the bar called Chapel, that used to be a morgue. Rumor has it that Bruce Lee was creamated here. Reguardless, a great atmosphere :)

Pardon the mispellings, my google spellcheck bar isn't working either :(

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Anonymous said...

Paramonunt Theater in Seattle...Cool.
Same place were the "Rock the Vote" scene was shot on Black Sheep.
"Kill Whitey"