Friday, February 16, 2007

We're Outta Groceries Again, Ain't Got No Money To Spend, The Credit Card is Maxed Out....

Tomorrow me and Mike D hop a flight to Seattle, meeting Rolando from LA there, and hanging with with buddies Kyle and Sahala.

Let's see, Mike D's a Shins fanatic, so we are going to see them at the Paramount Theater, and we're likely to drive up to Vancouver, check things out there, and back by Monday. Presidents Day state holiday, gotta love it.

Hopefully you can take hair gel on the plane these days, otherwise they'll say, ummm, sir, you're going to have to check you toiletry bag.


Ashton said...

u suck big time!, i got some money now so let's plan a trip somewhere soon, even if it's for just the weekend! :-)

Shannon Gillar Of The Sugarland Gillars said...

Hair gel? For you? Are you letting your hair grow out?

Hope you have fun..