Wednesday, February 28, 2007

We Need Hints

And they were givin' by the doctor today, as he talked of strong German and Bohemian women.

A somber day at the Bruns camp....we find out today that mom has to have a surgery tomorrow, and a sleepless night makes me introspective about many things, life in general, the whole human element, and how to use this episode in life to spin positive change in my life, and I'll only speak to that in the blogsphere. I don't want to elaborate on her condition, but here are other points of general consideration.

Each person in life deals with adversity in their own way.....right now, I'm dealing with adversity by thinking, what can I learn from this, how can this be a binding agent, and what am I taking for granted.

I have learned so much from Mom, but the most important thing I'd like to gain from her is a fierce work ethic. She's the type that just moves the stone, she doesn't say she's too tired, or too busy, most certainly doesn't squander money of frivilious things such as concert tickets and bud light pitchers, and other things that are off the point.

Why is it that I'm only thinking of these things in times of adversity? The spotlight is currently shining on how much I lean on mom, how much I appreciate her, and the things I need to do to get many things in my life in order. It makes me cherish the weekend BBQ's, the deviled eggs, potatoes augraten, the spurs fan in her, round table discussions, and many other things I take for granted.

See, she's a smart woman, she won't be able to tell you about computers, the internet, international travel, or other difficult and boring professions, but she's of sound wisdom and spirit, and can offer practical and understandable and more often than not correct accessments on the state of affairs, not only in Shiner, but in the hearts and minds of anyone around her, and her sphere of influence is tremendous due to this.

I want to acheive this work ethic and practical wisdom, and I want to do it for the both of us, I want to do it for the family. I want to cherish every day I can see her, talk to her, spend time with her, and I want to talk about the good stuff, the stuff I need to catch up on, the stuff I need to know, and the things I need to awknowledge.

Balance is what I'm going to make a concerted effort to do, its what I need to be healthy. I'm lopsided on the 'non-domesticated' perspective of it all, and my inclinations lead me to believe that staying home and being happy, putting the laptop down at home and pickin' it up more at work, and most importantly, not as much thinkin' until the thinkin' ain't good.

Times like these really test one's muster. Our family has a strong bond, and I know this will draw us closer, as every individual hurts inside. The human element to anything, it's often forgotten (especially for me), and its times like these which make you sit back and put it into perspective, I would say it's a healthy time for everyone.

Please send Good Vibrations her way, I'll be playing my Theremin passionately thru the weekend.

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