Saturday, March 31, 2007

a bird in the hand is worth a bird in a cage is worth a bird on a telephone wire

Daniel Fric of Shiner, one of the first friends I remember having back in elementary school, you know, the kinda childhood friendships that makes you gravitate to the same crafts table or what have you back in the day. Today was his day in the spotlight as he got married in Sweet Home Texas, and had the post wedding bash at Turner Hall.

It's a thing with Shiner folks gettin' married, you show up the the hall around 6pm, a lot of people are already 'tipsy' off the free beer, and before the meal, its quite and interesting time. The highlight of the night was seeing a bunch of my class of 95 comrades, seeing what's changed, what hasn't, etc.

Thru the course of the night, I took a few 'where's baldo' pictures, first one being with Ryan and Marty, college roommates / great friends, and CJ, an old troublemaker, one whom in 6th grade told the band director he 'accidentally farted' in the background, and that's what was making the entire percussion section of the bandhall laugh.

Then there's Scott and Bob Werner, Bob I haven't seen since he turned vet and moved to Navasota, but he talks care of the sick animals and loves his profession, and Scott, well, when he's up to bet on some pool, he knows where to lose his money.

Another successful evening

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