Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Hmmmm, so how do I tie Greenday and haunted houses together?

I met the boys from Greenday in 97'ish, got my shoe and ticket stub signed, after they put on a brilliant show, the entire catalogue has been blarin' tonight as I catch up on the overhead of life, which for me is actually washing clothes, and eating something semi-healthy.

My niece and nephew say my house in Shiner is haunted, and I've have to start agreeing with them. Strange things happen every now and then, I guess it's your typical house built in 1925, lots of history, lots of creeks, lots of dark corners, etc. The windows also reflect back, reminds me of Poltergeist, which big time creeped me out as a young lad.

Ghosts, hmmm, maybe there are ghosts. I've heard they only visit sensitive people, which begs the question, why are they around me? I guess I'm sensitive. Doc once described me as people the most sensitive and insensitive person he's ever met all in one stroke. I tend to agree with that, as I live by the gospel of Yin Yang. I've heard a few times that I need sensitivity training, I say people just need thicker skin.

Ghosts are welcome, I don't mind them, I don't think they necessarily scare me, as long as they aren't Ghost Snakes.

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Ashton said...

ghost snakes... haha!!