Saturday, March 24, 2007


Some introspection for Sunday night. It turns out that for the last however long I've been in the pursuit of irony in life, really without being able to put that into perspective until now.

I've been under the impression that it's what's cool, witty, intelligent and all the other things that most people aren't. This pursuit has left me tired and scatterbrained.

In times of doubt, I have to return to the 'base', and realize that it's not irony that makes me cool, but rather my own internal set of beliefs and values, and this is what draws the right people into my life, in the future I will have to constantly remind myself of this fact.

Regardless of how much fun and cool I think it is, the continued pursuit of a more and more ironic life will only lead me to more confusion and infantilism about people and events.

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