Monday, March 05, 2007

I've Had the Same Jeans on for Four Days Now, I'm Gonna go to a Disco in the Middle of Town, Everybody's Dressin' Up, I'm Dressing Down

Hospitals, what can you say about them, many things, but lets just say I probably sway to the Patch Adams view of things.

When there are trying times, it's easy to put things into perspective, families bond, etc, etc, a beautiful / wonderful energy of support.

Perspective....I recall when my old man had stage 4 cancer when I was 15, I really didn't worry about the social pressures of being a teen....the parties, the drinking, if the girls thought I was cool or not, etc, but rather if dad was going to be ok tomorrow.

That influences you as a teenager, I suppose in good ways, and in bad ways other times. It was a good lesson in character, trial by fire, and it's up to me with what I do with the perspective gained from it all.

I often wonder, if dad would be alive today, would he approve of me, would he approve of the state of affairs, etc, and what would be different especially in my life if there was a father around in those years to 'crack the whip' on me.

I suspect it wouldn't be cut and dry, he'd like certain things, other things he'd be like 'what the hell.?' At any rate, I would have liked him to be around longer so I could have asked him the tough questions, and see what his responses would have been.

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