Sunday, March 11, 2007

The Master Key To Riches - Happiness is All You Wanted

is knowing yourself, what you want, what you can acheieve, knowing how to push yourself, etc, etc, etc.

That being said, life is good, I really feel as if I know myself. Also, it doesn't hurt know that my mom is in good condition, chipper, lively, etc. The more I think about it, my happiness hinges on her happiness (the answer to all the critics questions of why I spend so much time in Shiner.) To me, she's the hub of immediacy in my family life, when gone, its a group of brothers and sisters....peers, which is great, but not the same. Most of the rest of the family has a new family, and that's awesome, but it gets me thinking more about the nuclear family, and as much as I want that, I truly don't think its in the cards for me, just chalk it up to personality.

I do know there are a lot of complainers in the world, and not too many problem solvers, there are too many people who are victims of something or another, and it's taken me this long in life to understand this simple concept, and of the mass populus who are 'victims', I've come to have absolutely zero tolerance.

South by Southwest is in our midst, its a big music festival, downtown Austin, you either get it BIG TIME, or you think is the equivalent of your perspective city's crappy music festival. I'm going to be out and about, getting my learn on about different things, and also catching many many many times 10 bands.

What's new, an ever evolving state of mind, and fortunately the current is one that's become strong and relaxed about the state of affairs and state of emotion that revolves around me at least. That's what it's all about you, the one who's got to wake up every single morning and be you. Awknowledging this truth makes me weiry of giving advice to anyone, in a strange sort of way on several scenerios, giving advice is a selfish thing.

Life has to run its course, I like blog reading, and I will attest to liking two types of blogs, probably equally. First type, the informative blog, which talks about all subject matter areas, why I like these is self explanatory.

Second, personal blogs. This bald headed microsoft dude that comes in every now and then always reminds me, you have to get the 50 yard line before you can see the goal. Well, personal bloggers who are of substance, and how are the troubleshooting, problem solving, figuring things out on the fly and also who have figured out how to write to a wide array of audience is well.....shall i say, once the goal line is realized.....we are 50 yards further than someone just out of the starting blocks.

Personal blogs are about self-enrichment more than anything I think, sure its informative, and I enjoy reading friends and family blogs to keep up with what's going on with them, and surprisingly, when I see these people who blog, many often say, damn, yall never see each other, and yet yall are still close. Well, If you're my friend, and plop something down in the blogsphere, I'll read it, especially on sujects where thought has been put into it.

More often than not I think about what it means to be successful, and self help book after self help book, over and over again keeps reinforcing postive influences on my life. Sure I read first time, understand, but I'm like yea yea. But I think the persistence has actually started to pay off.

I watched Joel Osteen the other day for the first time and maybe the last, (yea, and the Compact Center didn't combust either), and the message was simple, sometimes your dreams are bigger than the audience around you, and anyone can take that as they will, and could possibly learn from that, and awknowledge where the fly in the ointments are in their life, and realize the next steps they need to take in order to rise up in a different social level (not money-wise, but incite wise.) or both....hell

Monetary values, I've come to realize I have a ton of skills that I can't make money with. The movie Before Sunrise (ultimate make me sad and happy all at once chick flick) touches on this. It says when you grow up, you tell your mom you want to be a writer, mom corrects and says, you mean journalist, etc, etc, etc. Well there's a fine line between the banter of 'follow your dreams' and the practical reality of people following their dreams becoming hot dog stand vendors. One day I hope it just clicks for me, and I'm sure it will, before it happens, I truly have an understanding about what needs work in my life.

As times moves on, I'm now the 'old guy' in Shiner, and as I hang out with younger people in the community, I feel as if I'm not the old guy in terms of what people do, and how they succept themselves to the same routine over and over again, which is ok, but it's staggering the number of people that 1) complain like hell about it, or 2), are so oblivious about it, haven't seen a whole lot in life and don't have the desire to. I think its sad, but what compels me to do things is different from others.

I've always been motivated by the persuit of happiness, and never really understood the bad Aerosmith cliche of 'lifes a journey not a destination,' although its becoming much clearer. You take those stupid words to heart, I think it becomes more and more difficult to be pissed off about your current situation or state of mind. It tells me, don't like something, change it, but don't expect cloud nine, because whatever endeavor you choose, its hard work, and the fountain of youth is waiting there for people who work hard.

While on the subject of bad quotations, Matthew McConaughey's got a good one. He says, I try to get a good sweat going everyday, that's what keeps me in shape, or something of this nature. I take that to heart, especially on the weekend, when me and the beast feel like having a beer, we head down to the football field and try to bend it like beckham. My fat legs are actually good at kickin' the old ball around, and I AM getting a wicked bend on it. Other than that, I painfully count the time to stop-o-meter on the treadmill, and keep reminding myself this is good for me, this is good for me, and SO NUFF' I do feel good, I sleep much better, and the beer gut is slowly but surely going away. I must say its nice when this 30 year old pops sees a fat college kid, thinking, and damn, he / she even got metabolism workin' for them.

Well, enough random sentiments, I hope everyone is doing well. I hope life will slow down soon, no more curveballs, and I'll get to be on the road to see everyone soon. I'm looking for a new place, currently I'm looking at 4-500 square feet roach shacks in Hyde Park, but if anyone knows a good place, centrally located ATX, let me know, a roomate is also not out of the question, drama queens and pimp daddies need not apply.

Leaving yall with a quote in tribute of SXSW, from a long time hero of mine.
“As I define it, rock and roll is dead. The attitude isn't dead, but the music is no longer vital. It doesn't have the same meaning. The attitude, though, is still very much alive -- and it still informs other kinds of music.” --David Byrne

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