Tuesday, April 17, 2007

And If Life is Really as Short as it Seems, Then Why is the Night so Long

It's been about about 8 months now since I've invaded my sisters house and nephews bedroom, while entertaining romantic notions of 'anything but where I currently' am, could be stirring ambition, or it could just be that I'm not happy with myself, or probably a mixture of both. Something's gotta give, as always chance favors the prepared mind, that's what I've been doin' these days, joggin' the mind, even though it'd rather be chuggin' a Guinness.

Mr Smarty Pants says sometimes you have to fail to succeed, and this maverick says if you can't offer an honest opinion, say nothing. I agree with both.

There's no Scooba Steve, but the toys in the tub remind me of the days of innocence, when I had the battleship and other toys. I love watching young folks figure things out for the first time, stunning revelations to them, and a wonderful way for us adults to stay in touch with childhood.

I'm going to miss the days here, but my nephew needs his room back, and I need to start working on my rock garden.

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