Thursday, April 05, 2007

And When I see Mr Frump in His Iron Lung, This is What I Hear Him Say

The Trek 1500, family, don't even ASK what I paid for this, but put it this way, I got it on a 12 month interest free payment plan, and the frame and components are going to last longer than me. Just look how few spokes in that wheel, it boggles my mind how it holds my fat a$$ up.

You have to put a 90 mile bike ride into perspective, every like bit helps. For common folks, this is pretty hardcore, in the perspective of things I guess its pretty 'sissy,' but I sorta see it as a 'rite of passage' into bike manhood. I plan on doing sever rides like this over the years. Why? It's actually nice to experience all 5 senses on the open road, and you catch things you wouldn't under other circumstances.

I also bought some shirts with extra padding, they feel GREAT on a hard bike seat, but when walking.....well, it feels like you are wearing a soiled diaper.

There's a rest stop every 20 miles on the bash, or gasp, or whatever they are calling it this year, and hopefully yall wonderful friends / family of mine will meet me at the stops for some moral support. I'll post the route soon, it's a beautiful stretch out in the backwoods of Texas.

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