Saturday, April 28, 2007

Climax and the Human Spirit

Howard Roark builds the skyscraper to represent the human spirit, Dominique meets Howard at the top, and the two are left with the sky and the sea, along with peace and human understanding. The best visual / symbolic climax I've ever seen in a book.

Today I finish The Fountainhead, lots of stuff to be taken away and woven into life. It's got a Hollywood love affair, theories on human motivation, uncompromising character, etc as the great hero and the great equalizer rise to the top with objectivist thought.

I used to wish this stuff didn't make so much sense to me because of its numbing effect, now I've come to embrace the thoughts. For what it accentuates, the thoughts are dead on, it addresses the nuances of life at the 'topmost' level, and truly has provided a moral and ethical barometer to deal with the white noise of the world.

The actions in the book happen over a long period of highs and lows, small, humble victories that lead to a seat on the top of the world, now that's inspiration.

What I can do? Forget the speech and move the stone.

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