Friday, April 27, 2007

Fight, Fight, To Win Back your Heart Again

Last night I watched the dems 'debate,' 30 second soundbytes, actually useless, people speaking in generalities about complicated issues.

All partianship aside (as I think it should be), I applaud honesty and 'non-traditional' politics. Hence, I support Obama.

A simple example, when asked 'Did you inhale?' The response, 'I thought that was the point.' This insignifigant issue then isn't perpetuated, an honest answer to a simple question ends 'speculation.' Bush and Clinton (which both have) wouldn't answer this simple question, therefore allows media cash cows to 'dwell' in this nonsense.

This along with MANY other 'soundbytes' leads me to like this man, the same stir I hear from conservatives and liberals alike. Weather he can do it or not, he's the only one that speaks of uniting the country, and that's why he's got my vote.

From citizen journalism, here's the facts.

And here are the attacks.

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