Friday, April 13, 2007

Havin' Her On My Brain's Like Gettin' Hit by a Train, She's Gonna Kill Me Oh Celeste, oh Celeste

Tonight we braved the elements of rain to watch the show at Stubb's BBQ. Amazing Texas weather, 1 minutes its HOT AND HUMID, the next minute, the trees look like they are all gonna blow over. Didn't matter for Steve and I in the 2nd row. We gave it a valiant effort, trying to wait out the rain, but eventually nature called, and we lost our spot, only to find.....

Some work friends, that are many pay grades above me and intense Old 97's fans. I learned a lot that night about the boys.

First -- Timebomb, was written for a 2nd grader. Rhett promised to play her a song, and he forgot, so he wrote this 'hit' as tribute to her.

Second -- Rollerskate Skinny -- Written about a date he went on with Wynonna Ryder, so funny.

Third -- He's from a proper and well established 'Texas Family,' no formal education, and other things.

Absolutely amazing all the time. If I were the frontman of a band, I'd have fun and 'market' myself just like him. Head bangin', jammin', offbeat random geetar strums, you name it, they've got it. How bout those big brown eyes, from the cheap seats.

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