Thursday, April 12, 2007

I am One of Those Melodramatic Fools, Neurotic to the Bone No Doubt About It

What a topic, The Fountainhead brings it out of me, and Brea, I commend you for reading this, is an amazing book, spanning many complicated human elements.

Patience, courage, strength, balance, and going with your gut feeling is some of the stuff I can think of off the top of my head, and of course, I identify with Howard Roark. ;-) haha

Gut feeling, it tells me to never compromise that gut feeling, and if you don't, don't expect to win any popularity contests, don't expect to truly belong to ANY cliques, just become mechanical in objectivist though.

That all works fine and dandy on the topics portrayed in the book, even the oddball sexual encounters. It doesn't work with the vast flurry of human emotion however.

What it tells me, make the tough climb up the moutain of objectivist thought, look down that mountain at everything around you, meet people up there, and climb down to where you want to be, and compromise your principles where you see fit. Don't pull a Peter Keating and but find your happyland somewhere in between these two protagonists.

Also, everyone wants to identify with the hero in the story, I identify with him, but I lack the innate talent, I have to work at this, I'm passionate and somewhat intelligent. I'm not that selfish, and I don't have THAT much courage, even though on the courage-o-meter I think I'm pretty high up there. The thougths in the book, great place to set the bar.

Balance, if you see the world as a mathametical equation that has to stay balanced, ellsworth toohey, domique and peter and most of the rest of the population have to band together to even try to keep up to the worth of Roark, and to an extent, that's inspiring. Roark goes directly to the top, fights and wins that battle, and the rest trickles down.

Character development, great, each character struggles with their own set of well developed vices, and it all meshes together, and you can see it in society and relate based on your perspetive, perceived self-worth, and the amount of work you put into life.

Mohon, my buddy told me the quote evolution must be slightly above zero, and for the most part, this is how a comfortable society operates. Swimming upstream.....we'll see where it goes.

Life to me right now is about learning, listening and growing, a phase change, letting the underlying tone in me be about songs of love, but tooling my life to a more practical reality in many respects, and chewing like hell the nuggets of incite, perspective, intelligence and wisdom of adult situations the world throws at me.

Where do you go to find human motivation AND human passion in it all? I hope to be there one day.

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