Friday, April 20, 2007

He's just a Singer, Natural Born Guitar Ringer, Kind of a Clinger to Sad Old Songs

'people want nothing but mirrors around them. To reflect them while they're reflecting too'

Reflections on society, the media, corporations, art -- started blogging about this, it became too cumbersome, so, random person, random topic was.....

Bed Bugs - which turned into monsters to dragons to princesses.

I used to not hang my feet over the bed, for I feared something evil was looming below ready to grab me. I think its silly thoughts everytime I hear the once 'edgy' words of Metallicock say 'hey little baby, don't say a word,' etc.

Monsters, princesses, and these Disney heroes even exist anymore, or does the 'wussification' of society lead the man (or woman) to climb the mountain to save the partner, only to be met by, what the hell are you doing here?

Reflections are good and all, but I'm still in the old fashion mosh pitting mode, head butts and all.

oooo, and happy 420 to all the dopeheads

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