Sunday, April 08, 2007

motoring -- what's your price for flight

Not Hammer Time, It's Easter Time. And no, I didn't wear a gay a$$ pastel shirt either.

A little somethin' somethin' creative on my sisters part, the 'bunny tracks' leading to the fireplace that yields EASTER BASKETS!

The usual 'hunters' Kman and Collin, posed after the eggs were all found, except for a few I found tonight, because I was hungry for a bite size snickers bar or two. :) --- And yes, my neighbors other car is a tractor. :)

The hunt even brought kman into the backwoods, behind the shrubbery, yea, I don't think the 'human easter bunnies' weren't ambitious enough to hide them back there!

The 'funnest' part of the day for the kiddos is smashing the eggs on our head, with ME being their favorite. I guess they like it because it makes such a clean impact on my bald head!.

Finally I got the approval to put a picture of my brotha Gery and his girlfriend Jamie on the blog....Well, WELCOME TO THE BLOG :)

How bout some 'playboy bunnies' next year? Hell, if Weezer can have em' in a video, why can't we have em' in Shiner.?

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