Tuesday, April 24, 2007

There Were Bells, On A Hill, But I Never Heard them Ringing

Just when I start bashing Beatles cover bands and cover songs, I find Meet the Smithereens, and it's a blast, what can I say! They got it down!

Life is strange, thanks again sis' for putting up with me, I'm picky about it all, and I'm excited about how my life can and will change on a dime sooner than later.

Thinking about that, I've decided to do a SWOT analysis on my life.

Strengths - Well, talking to recruiters, many tell many that I've got some of the best people skills of any 'IT Geek' they've ever talked to, and I know I can read people well, I know myself, I know boundaries, and I'm confident. I have a lot of FRIENDS, not contacts. I'm genuinely interested in what people have to say. I think I'm a good listener if there's something actually being said.

Weaknesses - How many times have I heard, 'you're flaky.' I constantly have friends saying what a bad friend I am, hopefully jokingly, but there's truth behind every sentiment like that. I have too many coals on the fire, which sometimes goes to say I don't ever get anything done. I'm a slacker by every sense of the world (motivated yet unmotivated, defiant yet devoted, and in essence, hard to 'manage')

Opportunities - Wise folks say 'go for the big bucks,' and also 'there's a narrow window you have in your life to do extraordinary things', and that time is right now, no lease, no girl, no babies, no nothin'. I could essentially get one of those sticks and a blanket, throw some jeans (or dress pants) up in there and head whereva, and that's what my gut tells me to do, so we'll see where that lands me.

Threats - Yea, then and there, again, my own hand holds me down. I'm STUPID in the head, and I'm extremely idealistic, and its my own worse enemy along with being a strength, so it's hard to clump this stuff into categories. The threat is no balance in my life, the threats are stomach ulcers, going down a hill at 45 mph on my trek 1500 fallin' and bustin my head open, and professionally, there's nothing that a good 'flexin' wont' do for me.

All of this leaves me with visions of an eccentric, eclectic, and engaged life, still being able to keep my probing ability, diggin' and diggin', always to find that life isn't really all that bad.

I guess def leppa says it best....

"Pull it, pull it, cmon trigger the gun
cos the best is (a) yet to come"

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