Sunday, April 08, 2007

We Questioned Religions, Fed Bread to the Pigeons, We Learned How to Pray

Today we celebrate Easter. The cynic in me says, what does the Easter bunny have to do with it all, and why do we as society take 'special' occasions and dilute their meaning, especially when it comes to organized religion. Kids is why I suppose, It's always fun watching them hunt Easter eggs, I recall last year my nephew Kyle smashed one on my head, he loved it.

The ol cliche says, 'there are no atheists in foxholes', my rebuttal, don't get in a fox hole. However, the point is made when thinking about the benefits of spirituality. I've always thought there are 'crutches' in the world, crutches like significant others, and the existence of a higher power, etc. These things are normal, but when you're swimmin' upstream on these issues, one could view them as crutches, a finely tuned jealousy as the manics would say.

Point is, there are voids in your life that can only be filled with spirituality. If you've ever looked into someone's eyes you cared deeply about and saw fear and uncertainty about the future, this can only be combatted with the answer that lies in the clouds. If doubt creeps in with these other factors, its 3 strikes you're out.

What do I believe, in a nutshell, reincarnation, a means that says life recycles itself in ways known to us, yet unknown to us, and I believe it to be pretty simple. I think it covers 'just enough' of my psychological needs of morality, respect, certainty, and hope for an afterlife. Does it carry on with it a soul, I guess that just depends on your definition of what that is. If you define soul as energy, I certainly believe that.

Maybe I wasn't a cat in another life, but I do think there is some sort of correlation between my heroes and friends in today's life, and how there was a bond between this energy in a previous life. I like Bon Jovi for a reason, same with Adam Sandler, Chris Rock, Michael J Fox, and others. Perhaps we were best friends, cousins, neighbors or even brothas in a different life.

Today, as we celebrate an organized religious event, the only part I can really 'bash' is the organization. Religion ('the search for truth') and spirituality (what happens after worm food) are of the utmost importance to consider and respect as the years go by and your life is enriched.

So, hats off to the Easter bunny, and let's hope the global warming (or cooling) lets off for today so we can have a decent egg hunt!

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Steve Berg said...

You need to catch the latest episode of South Park b/c they go into detail on how the Easter Bunny ties into the death of Jesus. I am sure it will be on Comedy Central 100 more times this week!