Monday, April 02, 2007

When We Arrive Sons and Daughters, We'll Build our Homes on the Water

I'm keepin' up with Berlin these days, even if I never will live there, I think its one of the coolest cities in the world, and probably my favorite of anywhere I've been. I like to hear the translations of bands like the Avocadoclub, it reminds me much of how the lead singer of the Scorpions knew little English while he was rockin' America like a Hurricane.

I've always had an affinity for history, and for high places. This, taken from the TV tower at Alexanderplatz in East Berlin, brings warm and fuzzy memories. I've been to Berlin a few times, and I love just sitting in the area which once was the busiest part of the east. The circle on the left has a waterfall with the devil in it, and the circle on the right has a bunch of postmodern art. Yea, just turn your monitor 90 degrees counter clockwise.

The people of Berlin have character, at least that's the vibe you get from walking around. It's cool to see the regional rivalries that exist between Berlin and Munich, I guess sorta like an LA vs New York. Berlin is a perfect example of the clear cut 'winner' between communism and capitalism, and it remind me of a Teaching Company lecture I once spent an insane amount of time studying.

The Decemberists, yea, a rock band, but also a band of nobles and intellectuals who attempted to overthrow the Czar at the time. Fantastic tales of a history of humble peasants, an expansionist and militaristic government, peasants get shit on all thru history, communism takes over, then shits on nobles and oligarchs, and then the communists eventually get the shaft, which leaves a blurry form of capitalism, in which the 'mafia' and 'cartels' control a lot of the commerce, and yet the new 'czar' plays favoritism. Ahhh, Russia, a fascinating place. Please don't quote me on these facts, but I think this is for the most part how it went and goes, in a massively general way.

Germany on the other hand, I've asked the question, how long for 'reunification' to take place, and I get the answer many times over 'several generations.' Meanwhile, a lot of fascinating cultural 'things' are taking place there, in my opinion making it tops for understanding the cultural elements of how government, economy, religion, etc affect human lives and motives.

Well, that's it, my nostalgic ramble for the motherland.

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