Saturday, April 14, 2007

You Chased the Sun Around the Cote d' Azur, Until the Light of Youth Became Obscured

Some things are just way too beautiful for words. Yea I walked along the Seine River in Paris many moons ago, and if I would have saw this street performance, I could have just died and gone to wherever. Reminds me of the Bryan Adams lyric, 'Baby, thought I died and gone to heaven.'

These people have fun, that's really what its all about.

Another heavenly site, comes straight from Dublin, two of my heroes on the same stage at one time, Neil Hannon singing 'B*tches Ain't Shit' with Ben Folds. One of my buddies mom's HATES it when she hears this song on pool nights, its so funny. Funny little C-Am-Em tune to play on the guitar too.

Love it when Ben says, 'All the children sing,' and Neil says things like 'whatever that means', and 'what's a proton'. PERFECT :) Another 'baby, thought I died and gone to Heaven' youtube. Such an 'evil' song done is such a satirical way, absolutely beautiful. :)

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