Tuesday, May 29, 2007

And Slow but Sure the Sands are Falling as the Bridge Burns Beneath the Wheel

Cubbies and Comedies, moo-moo-moo movies, Chicago in the summertime.

Just as David Gray sings about the mystery of love, words prove useless in the face of how it feels. Today I strike one of the 'list of things to do in life,' which was to see a baseball game at Wrigley Field, one of America's oldest baseball fields.

Situated pretty much in the middle of a neighborhood, this experience has done well to rekindle my thoughts on pro sports, especially baseball in general. It's no frills, no instant replays, no distracting bullshit, just good old fashion baseball while enjoying an Old Style beer or two. I also went to the 'world famous' Cubby Bear, and if you look out in right field, I was at that pub talking politics with the local color. One dude told me its so windy in Chicago, that one of these big clunky ass newspaper racks (where I used to do some work) actually flew into a car.

Much to the late Harry Caray's dismay, Cubs lose, Cubs lose, which seems to be a normal tune. I can't believe I had this seat, I can't believe this picture turned out so well.

Gaw! This was so awesome, as I sound like a teenage girl. The last 6 or so baseball games I've been to or played at, I've feel asleep, didn't this time. There were all sorts of rich people around, talking about stocks and stuff.

Other noteworthy things, I climb up to the top of the Sears tower. I love going to high places and looking down. To me, skyscrapers represent the human and what it is able to accomplish, it gives me a breath of fresh air, even in this smog. Just ask Howard Roark about what it tells, he'll tell you all about it in this novel.

Smoggy, yea, one of the least anti'climatic tall places I've ever looked down from, no 'outdoor lookout station' but what the hell. Built for 250 million by Sears, sold for 1 billion when when sears lost bizness. Some dude said there's no mountains in the midwest, so they had to build one.

What can you say about Grant Park, its beautiful, and its also 'home' to Lollapalooza, If I strike the lotto anytime soon, I'll be back!

Kinda a weird picture here, there's Gavin playing in that puddle, haze, buildings, hardly anyone around.

Don't think your city has aesthetic value, put some of those old letters on the top of your building, build your city on a lake, get some huge parks, a man made beach, a pier, the mafia, and underground roads, you'll be fixed up.

Chicago, man I love it, or at least the little time I've spent there, history seems to just oooze out of everything. If I lived in Chicago, I wonder how long it would take being outside in the dead of winter to turn my head into a baldcicle.

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