Saturday, May 26, 2007

Come Out of Things Unsaid, Shoot an Apple off My Head

Another day in Denison bonding with the family, bow shooting with Todd of all things, yes, I tried to get my brother in law to let me shoot and apple off my head, but considering this was the second time ever shooting one of these things, he didn't like the idea.

First time I shot one, around age ten, my buddy 'Boobs' and I 'dared' each other to shoot it straight up into the air, well we did, running for cover in fear of an arrow thru the skull, we wait for it to land, only realizing it came down, foot deep into the neighbors roof, yea, I put that bow up after that.

Here's me gettin' my gear on,' at the local Archery Club. In medieval times, I would have been a longbowsman, just like 'Fagalos' in Lord of the Rings.

As time went on, I got better at this stuff, and I never popped myself in the arm, this means that I got a 'good release' so I'm told. On the day, we hit some targets, that got boring, so we moved a BIG BEAR out there, after I got the kill shot, I aimed for the bears privates, I got close once, landing an arrow in I guess what would be a bear hip. We also brought out the wild hog, turkey, and we rounded the evening out with a skunk. Pepe Le PEEE-U!

Then we visited the 181 acres of beautimus family farmland. My great uncle took a chance, back in the day, the rumor was that you could get paid a lot more money raising corn in Iowa than cotton in Texas, so he loaded up the truck and moved to Denison. Terraces, timber, CRP, etc, there's a lot to learned in this neck of the woods.

Then there's CRAZY MUMMY who took some deer horns out and posed with them. The Texans coming to represent in Iowa have ZERO hunting experience, but we listened intently and did our best to understand.

There's a 'gator' and a 4-wheeler out there on the farm, cousin Todd asked mummy, wanna go for a ride, she said, YEA!, Todd was in disbelief that mom accepted the offer, but within' minute they were hotroddin' down the trail.

Somewhere in the mix, the gang went to see this OLD church, 200 years or something, that was uprooted from one area and moved to another area. Sure looks like the one Slash played his geetar in front of in the desert in the November Rain video.

Random walking time around Denison, Meagan is being a princess, trying to polarize boys vs girls, being gruesome, and lookin' at her dad as if he was insane rollin' down the hill.

Last but certainly not least, we couldn't leave Denison without Todd's promised trip to a 'Gentleman's Club,' in this case, 'Big Earl's Key Club.' I must say this joint is uber seedy, but they had an 'internet jukebox,' and before they knew it, the crowd was switched from AC/DC to Australia by The Shins. I even got a nod from one of the 'wait staff,' as if the say, 'good choice.' Too much silicon for me, but a wheat beer or two at a few different places made for a great nightcap.

Up next, twin cities, Mall of America --- maybe I'll buy me a pair of long pants, gettin' a bit chilly up ova here.

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