Thursday, May 10, 2007

I Look Around for Faces I Know, I Never Ever Want to Go Home

I stayed away from facebook for the longest time, but tonight I bit the bullet and joined the social network everyone is raving about. It used to be for college kids, but now it's opened up for the world, weird / verging on scary auditing capabilities, and I can only imagine the drama that goes on with these networks and circles of trust.

Well, I don't know if this link works, but if you're on facebook and need a friend, click on me.

Normally I'm an early adopter, guess I fell of the bus on this one, but better late than never.
Humor: I've come to love 'beer drinking songs' over the years, here's a 'cute' german one. I sure wish i could post it somehow, it's much funnier when you hear it.

Eisgek Hlter Bommerlunder

The lyrics are....
Eisgekühlter BommerlunderBommerlunder eisgekühltEisgekühlter BommerlunderBommerlunder eisgekühltund dazuEin belegtes Brot mit Schinken(yelled) Schinken!Ein belegtes Brot mit Ei(yelled) Ei!Das sind zwei belegte BroteEins mit Schinken, eins mit Eiund dazuThis is then repeated over and over, each time

the singer reaches "und dazu" the song is sung quicker, and higher, until they can't sing anymore.

roughly translated, the lyrics are:
Ice cold Bommerlunder(a type of schnapps)
Bommerlunder ice cold(repeat)
and with it
one sandwich with ham

one sandwich with egg
those are two sandwiches,
one with ham and one
with eggand with themetc.

Borat would have to say 'Very Nice' on this one.

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