Thursday, May 24, 2007

I Walk These Streets, A Loaded Six String on my Back

Being on the road is inspiring and refreshing, despite a bad day for snappin' pictures, especially the 'before' picture which i forgot to take after being extremely drowsy after an all nighter.

Holla from Wichita Kansas, not a lot going on in this neck of the woods, but the Day's Inn is nice, and the staff here at the hotel are extremely tolerant of our loud 10.30 pm antics at the pool.

The cheese ritual is to snap pictures at the state lines, well, since the rains' came down and the floods came up, here's the best we could do.

at the time of the snap
Sitting in Row 1 - Brother in Law and Sis
Sitting in Row 2 - Mummy and Meagan
Sitting in Row 3 - Myself and Gavin
Sitting in Row 4 - Jr and Grant

Oklahoma, or moblihoma as my longhorn friends would say. I've had some fun times in the past here, most recently a Ben Folds slingshot trip, a trip to see John's band play at Okie Noodling at Paul's Valley (an eccentric little place), when I was young going to learn about Will Rogers, and for some reason Dad took us out to Oral Roberts (don't hold it against me folks, and Folds. Anyone Flaming Lips fans? Well the Fearless Freaks hail from OK City, many football zealouts in Norman, and but certainly not least, a man extremely ahead of his time and atmosphere, Woodie Guthrie, had the pleasure of driving thru Guthrie today. It would have been interesting to stop at Oklahoma's Turner Falls for a benchmark for Niagara, I'm wonder if superman is going to save anyone while I'm there.

Almost rollin' into Kansas, we see the noteworthy sunsets, I'd say this picture captures the essence of the area, nice sunset and surroundings, 'humble housing,' and truck stops.

More explorations to come. When my relatives came over on the boat, there were 4 brothas, 3 were in Texas, 1 in Iowa, we are going to make a pit stop in Iowa next for a day or so and play catch up with the family there. My cousin Todd promises me a good time, although google earth doesn't see too many hot spots around Denison.

The soundtrack of the trip thus far, Paolo Nutini, what can I say, I'm addicted to the new album, a heartfelt / clever dude from Scotland.

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