Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I'll Sing Statistics, and Hide the Truth

A night of contemplation, hence general rambling, I can derive some meaning and talking points from the below lyrics, M Ward of course.

'Where you're locked in coverage falling in time, and it’s hot enough just to let your ideas go by'

'the hardest thing in the world to do is to find someone who believes in you'

Expectations -- If you can't have them when the stakes get higher and higher in a relationship, friendship, business endeavour, etc, what's the use of upping the ante? I'm blessed and cursed with what I consider a commodity of close friends of whom I drift in and out of 'intimacy' in conversation, hopes, dreams, ideas, etc. I'm tenacious about going out of my way to make people comfortable and accommodating, in doing so I'm a happy. Why more often than not does this put people out of their 'comfort zone' if this has to be reciprocated.

Collaboration -- Why is it so damn difficult to find people to collaborate with in business endeavours 'when to going gets tough,' and what's up with all this instant gratification attitude we all seek these days. Why is it so difficult to organize a weekly same bat time same bat station geek session? Why is it when you get a group of what seems to be good friends together everyone is scared that their ideas are going to be ripped off, and whats so intimidating about putting your best ideas out there on the blogosphere for everyone to read?

Trolls -- I used to be under the impression that a good critic was beneficial to a circle of ideas, I understand now that all it does is stifle communication, or starts a downward spiral of criticism which leads to no, no, no. Why does it have to be black or what, why do we have to hurt one to love get the picture.

Mixing business with pleasure-- I'd say one of my strengths is getting people who have no business getting together and hang out, communicate, integrate and buffer conversation until conversation stands on its on. In a business environment I think this is grand, in social context it takes on a different meaning. I constantly think hard on this, and only come up that circumstances are always case specific.

Individualism -- Lots has to add up with people to create 'synergy' time and place, collaboration skills, no trolls, and a willingness to raise the ante --- yes this is a lot. You can't control the movements of people, but you can certainly control the movements of yourself. Knowing yourself, you can build the next Rome or at least your Rome, and then order of business then is who's on the Senate, or do we just skip that part?

True indeed, the hardest thing in the world to do is to find someone who believes in you, so believe in yourself.

True indeed, life circumstances get hard amongst peers, true indeed, that ideas of life and the human element and business ventures should still flow freely.

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