Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Importance of Content

Living in the digital era, it's safe to say that producers of content have a leg up on the competition so to speak. It's easy to start a blog, it's hard to be tenacious about it, my thoughts are because of the difficulty in organizing one's thoughts.

It's a long road of trial and error, one in which you learn along the way. If you 'don't know how to write,' after years of working at it, you become more skilled. If you blog about your life, there's plenty of self enrichment to be had, as you work thru things out loud, and often times get loads of feedback from friends.

My personal blog, something I'm not looking to per se aggregate an idea, but rather cultivate strong relationships with the people around me who care to be engaged with my life. I'd like to believe it draws people closer to me, my thoughts, feelings, all that touchy feel-y stuff. I feel as if I spit a lot of content on the page, and the people who have the patience and tenacity to read these thoughts and ideas are probably some of my best friends. Just being engaged, knowing what's going on in someones life, and showing a genuine interest builds the relationships that can move mountains. It all starts with one sentence or two, I wish more of my friends would blog, I'm genuinely interested in what yall have to say, and what's going on in yalls heads.

Random Blogging, is something I've picked up lately, blogging politics, blogging technology, this is the viral stuff I'm going to work hard to aggregate, for name recognitions sake.

Either way, ideas are being spread, and they will be picked up by people if you sustain the effort and actually have something to say. Thru the years as I blog, I hope to get some 'breaks' and some luck and acquire opportunities and friends, just by producing content and putting some brain power behind it.

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Anonymous said...

Here is what Peter Rojas told me in an email about a year ago:

I'd add one more thing: pick a narrowly defined niche that you can
dominate. Three years ago gadgets was a narrow enough niche, these days
you'd have to go even narrower and more specific. Anyone starting a
celeb gossip blog or a gadget blog these days is wasting their time.

There's no trick or shortcut, but one of the great things about the
blogosphere is that it's hard for good content to hide. Don't obsess
over getting links (or not getting links), just try and focus on
producing compelling, timely content that you yourself would want to
read. If you're any good, the traffic will come. If you're not good, no
amount of trying to game things will make up the difference.

Best of luck,