Friday, May 04, 2007

Know a man, his face seems pulled and tense, Like hes riding on a motorbike in the Strongest Winds

What can I say about the Pearl Jam song, Off He Goes, it meant so much to me as a young lad (21ish). I can imagine by this time tomorrow the face will be pulled and tense, because of strong winds, hot and humid Texas weather, and 86 miles from Shiner to Austin NOT on a 'motorbike', but rather a pedal bike. Got that right, it's Shiner GASP time.

Another point of interest, I read the Freakonomics blog all the time, and they hired a new editor, she writes for Opinionistas, sometime I look forward to reading in the future. Her advice on success, 'ditch your social life,' and surprisingly for the most part that's what I've done in the last few months, and it has seemed to work wonders on some part of my soul.

I'm sure missing out on a lot of Cinco de Mayo events, most particular, the St George's shin'dig where my nephew Collin goes. Kudos to Jeannie and Robert for all the hard work the put into this.

Time to load the antipod full of 'happenin' tunes for the ride to Shiner. Helmet, gloves, snap in pedals and the world, like Jenny on gump would say 'Dear Lord, make me light (haha) and flexible and get me to Shiner in one piece.

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