Friday, May 25, 2007

Mandy's in the Backroom Handling Out Valium and Sheriff's on the Airwaves Talking to the DJ's

The family vacation continues, drivin' cross country in the Chevy Van. Little Miss Sunshine you might say?

The dreaded Iowa sign, its nice to hop out at these things, snap a picture or two while cars whiz by going, 'Ha Ha Ha, Ho Ho Ho,' cough cough '*#$(%) em.' Iowa IS filled with fields of opportunities, just ask the Fast Food Nation peeps about the 'Mexicanification' of Iowa. Don't ask me what I was doing in this picture, perhaps taking a gander at my growing 'man boobs.'

We arrive in the quaint city of Denison, Iowa, their claim to fame, home of Diane Reeves, which is the 'Buffalo Gal' in 'Its a Wonderful Life,' it has consistently been a favorite movie of mine, and I've often been compared to George Bailey.

Today me and my second cuz Nick went to play some tennis, snapped this picture of the water tower.

The arrival to 'Neumann Acres,' our relatives posh abode on Maplewood Drive, lots of room, this crib we're at is the bomb, amazing accommodations, some amazing food, 'fresh meat', literally. No, their ain't any burnt carpet grass in the backyard with ants and stickers, this stuff is the real deal.

My uncle Harvey and aunt Leora both passed away a few years back, haven't been to see the family since before their passing. The family dedicated a bench to them on top of 'Yellow Smoke' Park, when I die, I'd like to get a bench named after me, with a comparable view to this.

The main line of the Union Pacific has trains rollin' thru the city about 88 times per day I'm told, reminds me of Taggart Transcontinental in Atlas Shrugged, as I hear the horn of the train, surely doesn't make the imagination wonder.

Here we are, well some of us at least by the bench, myself, Doris, Darryl (who's lived in the San Francisco Bay Area for 30+ years, fun person to talk to), Lowell, Meagan with some surprise devil ears, mummy and Jr.

That's all for today, tomorrow is filled with more surprises in Denison before heading off to the Mall of America, and hopefully and Ozomatli gig at Harmony Park, Geneva Minnesota

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