Saturday, May 19, 2007

Masquerading as a Man With a Reason, My Charade is the Event of the Season

Love pullin' up the stop lights, windows down, blarin' some 'good ol' 80's nonsense, lookin' (un)cool, checkin' out responses, etc.

A Dallas pub crawl, of sorts, The Old Monk , The Slide In (or something like this), a jump start at Home Depot, The Elbow Room, Lucky's to eat, The Blarney Stone, and then some tejano'ish bar made for a great night in DTown. Not quite the debauchery as this hometown crawl, but surely deserves reference.

Let it be known, that on this day, Saturday the 19th, that a slew of Texas State Alumnists got together for some beers, dialogue and an overall good time. Who needs to hook em' horns when you can throw up the claw in one hand, and the state of Texas in the other :) --

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