Tuesday, May 01, 2007

My Drunk Heart Won't Sit Still

Lawrence Lessig wrote a book, How Big Media Uses Technology and the Law to Lock Down Culture and Control Creativity, he puts his money where his mouth is, produces good content, releases it under Creative Commons, I stand by what this man says, especially about 'free', not in the sense of 'lets steal all this digital content', but free as in freedom, as a nation, transparency of laws, etc.

What has the advent of digital music, hence the advent of music as a commodity done for me? Well, the first song I ever downloaded was 'Last Kiss', the Pearl Jam version, I was in love with that song, couldn't buy it, it came on a 45 for the Pearl Jam fan club, so I downloaded the tune, rushed to compusa, bought a 350 USD 2x CD burner, and rolled thru town blarin' last kiss on cd, boy did I feel cool.

Creativity, the wider availability of music has certainly made for a more cultured society, and has further thrust what used to be counter culture into pop culture, and yes, this is a good thing. I've often been criticized by na-sayers 'why do you listen to those crappy named bands,' well those crappy named bands often have a lot to say, and the average person is not exposed to them unless they get some MTV airplay.

As I listen to The Cardiagans, I recall how I was exposed to back before the evil MP3, it was thru their 'pop' hit 'Lovefool' that was played on MTV, which really has no correlation to the actual substance of the band.

We all know big media doesn't care about introspection and artistic merit unless it can make a buck, myspace says come on ova, anyone, everyone, and yall can sift thru all this and make judgements yourself.

These peeps would be strummin' their guitars weather they get paid or not, and there needs to be a revenue model that can accommodate art as a commodity, but is the model the actual music, or in the future is that a marketing tool for shirts, gigs, puma contracts and corporate sponsors, that's my guess, as long as the pirates are around.

Its really done a lot for me, opened my eyes to society, gave me different perspectives, tore my heart up, built my heart back up, la-de-da, only to make me a better person, truly empathetic to people who feel tough emotions.

As it pertains to the current music industry, The Fraunhofer Society changes all of that with the invention of the MP3, leaving non-value-adding-people-with-big-houses-on-sides-of-lakes shaking in their Cole Haan's. Where does it all go? It paves the way for people to be more enlightened with music, if they do so choose, it enhances its popularity while making it a plentiful commodity, and its sending tons of 'old school' legislation and bureaucracy and to file 13.

This leaves a heart to heart bond with me, and an artist that understands me, perhaps in Norway, Russia, or anywhere in the flat world. In the new and improved model, the funds WILL come for the artist and those who truly help the them, anyone else can go copy papers or something.

All the purists in the industry, live by the zen proverb, leap and the net will appear.

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