Sunday, May 20, 2007

Red Blood's a Powerful Fuel, Sweet Love Tasted Blood - My Heart Overfloods

Sittin' here digesting 'Love is a Mixtape, Life and Loss One Song at a Time' --real content of true passion, not only in the music element, but also the human element. A tragic story of love and loss, and recollection and reflection thru mix tapes. Many of us have made mix tapes for people, for all occasions, here's a short depiction of what it means to me.

To preface, I write postings like this by design, of what the Dahai Lama told Mike P and I....he reminds us to explore the small area between our ears more than we explore the vast outreaches of space and time.

Music is a commodity these days, with it comes mixed sentiments. Everyone needs music, hence enlightenment in their lives, and its marvelous to see that in this day and age it is pretty much available for anyone in the developed world to explore different likes and dislikes, to push the envelope of creativity, and find themselves in the process.

Finding one-selves, that's a tough one, the influx of music I feel has created some sort of identity crisis for people who 'consume' music to be 'open' and 'cool.' Just look at people's pages, there's a lot of 'experimental listening' going on. Artists that have no business being represented together are being combined in a 'as a matter of fact' way.

Somewhere in the 'music metasystem' of how it relates to your soul, I think there's some sort of 'base' that you as an individual come back to for comfort and your true identity. For instance, I dabble around in everything, but at the end of the day, the last 10 miles of the race, I come back to the mellow-contemplative-introspective-white-boy-music-genre, merely because it gives me insight into a lot of things, and one thing I believe we're here on this earth to learn, and consequently (I think), rather than coincidentally these bands are the progressive ones, because they strike the tuning fork in the hearts and minds of mavens.

Sent the 'hey guys, yall should check out this book email to my peeps,' this came back from my brother in law, the most frequent feedback contributor. He once said I married my first love after dating her for a loooong time, don't ask me about problems of the heart.....well, one thing I must say he's good at observation, and that's worth at least a gold bar or two.

We had nothing in common, except we both loved music. It was the first connection we had, and we depended on it to keep us together. We did a lot of work to meet in the middle. Music brought us together

Strikes me as a line that Robert B. may use one day when he finds the love of his life..

My response, damn right! I feel it extremely important to connect with someone on this level, for its extremely important and valuable to my life. It's my #1 source of knowledge and wisdom, for the most part, I ain' lookin' for shit that got a beat, I'm lookin' for someone who has something to say, that says it in a way that's concise, mysterious, entertaining, and articulate and most importantly personal. I'm looking for people that identify with the nuances of these thoughts.

It's really not about music, who cares for who, who does what to who, who can hurt who the most, its about achieving a state of mind, a state that's neither good nor bad, but a comfortable corner niche you find yourself in at the end of the day and at the end of life.

I agree with M Ward, its great to be alive, and it's sad that I'll have to give it up one day. I look back with no regrets, and I've taken perfect advantage of my youth (and still am). The future is what it is, I have a wealth of options to steer, polish, cultivate, and choose who is (to take a bad clueless reference) much more to me than a pair of shoes, hence I'll be picky about it.

The universal constant is that it is inevitable that the relationship with the 'dream girl' / 'ram to butt heads with' will ultimately revolve around music, and we'll make the rest up as we go along.

There IS a reason why music is the most popular thing in the world. From American Idol to the 'Band-Aids' at the concerts, it strikes a hunger and passion in each one of our souls. I've reached down into that metadata, and reached the correlation, and it makes me marvel at the sheer chance of a connection like this.

In the meantime, we all hop from Beyonce to Buckley, to AC/DC to The Shins, to Bon Jovi to Black Sabbath, Garth Brooks to Steve Earl and everything in between. We're tribal, we need organization, just remember the base for happyland, and broaden your horizons only after you've fortified your boundaries, hop into the metadata, make your connection on music, hope, and true love in the end will find you.

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