Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Ride On, Ride On

Life is interesting, people are interesting. Something occurred to me on my drive home from Crown this evening, the two buzz words sensibility and sensitivity.

Sensibility -- what can I say about it other than in the last almost a year staying with sis I've gained a tremendous amount. My days on Rolling Ridge have dried me out, in a good way, and certainly have put things into perspective for me, and when I move back to a nice small inner city dwelling I'll be able to take this sensibility learned out here 'on the road' with me, it all works for a reason, like the feather flying around in Gump.

Sensitivity -- Geeze, how do I explain this, other than a spiral of conversations I've had with people over the years on what this means, most noteworthy, a nice country drive with a bud back in Shiner a year or so ago. The question is 'why do people engage in actions that desensitize the human emotions that are so genuine and real to them. Where the hell did this 'as a matter of fact attitude' come from in everyone? Why do people insist on diluting deep and genuine connections with others and engage in the casual state of affairs known today.

I've vowed to keep thinkers close to my heart, and that has kept me out of awkward situations, and its really made me a happier person. I've vowed to be patient and stay true to my guns, and for the first time in my life I'm able to be truly mentally independent from the desolate thoughts of insecurity, loneliness, desperation and confusion.....I don't test for echo anymore, but I'll knows it when I sees it.

I think meantime, I really have no concern as to where to 'plug Robert in at,' I'm comfortable in my own skin, but more than most of the time I'm not comfortable with the world around me.

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