Sunday, May 27, 2007

Their Prey Gather in Herds of Still Knee-Length Skirts and White Ankle-Socks

Minneapolis, or Bloomington rather, welcome to the Mall of America, self-touted the largest shopping center in America, and a great place for kiddos to go to have fun. The retail centers are that which are in every shopping mall around the nation....anyone need a Journeys? how bout a Hot Topic?

I just can't seem to get one of these family pictures right, lookin' like Uncle Lerch in all of them.

There are the pictures, a sorta theme park inside the mall, even a big Ferris wheel, as the Grinch would say, o the noise noise noise noise. I walked the length of the 3 1/2 stories in just a tad bit over an hour at a brisk pace, stopping only for a pizza and mountain dew.

Grant and I have a fictitious band named 'Cecil Flesel' goin' on, and we try to 'one up' each other in dialogue. For instance, I will tell Grant, yea I saw the band just perform an acoustic set on the thrid floor. His response, oooo, I think I heard it, did they play that song, 'I Want it All,' and my counter-rebuttal, 'no, I think they played track 3 on the album first, you know, the one with the great guitar solo'.....and so on and so forth.

The night couldn't be complete without a night of excess in downtown Minneapolis. I met up with a long time friend of mine Jolen and she showed me the ropes downtown. We checked out a few Irish type pubs, have some Stella pints, got to ride a lightrail, and got a ride home from a cab driver from Kenya. Rollin' in as the sun is coming up, Mummy asks, where the heck you been all this time?

This is the 'target center' downtown I believe, but they had all the lights off at closing time.

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Steve Berg said...

Been to the Mall of America several times as my sister just lives a few miles from there -- oh how I hate that place!

Hope you guys stopped and snapped a picture of the Eau Claire sign as you traveled through my old stomping grounds.