Monday, May 28, 2007

This bottle of stevens awakens ancient feelings, Like Father, Stepfather...

Rollin' on 3 hours of sleep and a quad latte, Mummy, Jr and I brave downtown Minneapolis. The city has a sincere simplicity, modest and historic, I think I like it!

Here's a picture of the tall buildings. We were witness to so of the locals getting into a squabble, one chick throwing a big ol' rock at I guess was her boyfriend, it was funny I tried not to laugh so I wouldn't get beat up.

We went on a church hunt because mummy's brother my uncle said we HAVE to see this church. Here it is, kinda, hard to take pictures of big things you know? You get a flag, or a lamp post, or car, or some other nonsense in the way.

Then there's an old Cadillac (Catholic) church we stumbled on, it looked really cool, just over the hill from a Japanese sushi place.

Heading to Chicago and seeing Kenosha, Wisconsin on the map, I had to pop in the blue Weezer disk, 'Kenosha's own WEEZER,' you know, where the boys are playing in the Happy Days Diner in the music video that came with Windows 95! :)

Well, I'm here in Chicago, beat, but still want to go out and check out some seedy Chicago nightlife, but I'm afraid our van would get stolen, it does have spinnas you know ;) ...

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