Wednesday, May 23, 2007

We Passed the Hash Pipe, And Played our Doors Tapes

Tomorrow myself, my brother, sister, brother in law, mummy, and nieces and nephews Grant, Meagan and Gavin are heading on a trip towards Niagara Falls.

For those of you who understand the eclectic-ness of the family, any adventure of this sort is an adventure, but rest assured there will be no hash pipes or Dorrs tapes, but perhaps a nice Billy Joel tune or so. I think Billy Joel is great for the road trips.

Here she is, the van of all vans, the one that's gonna bring to the other side of the continent. Jr and I spent an hour or so de-stinkifying the seats that have been in the shop for a year or so, not just febreeze, but AUTO febreeze :)

Here's the tenative route, sorta, I know we're hittin' some family in Iowa, I know we're hittin' the mall of America (nice when I got about 200 bucks in the bank account), Niagara, and a podunk town in Ohio.

And yes, this lovely drawing was done with Google Earth and Pbrush.

Tomorrow at 6am, I grab my sack full of technical gadgets of GPS, cameras, phone, blah blah blah, and my sack of a shirt or two, pants, shorts, sock and underwear and take what will be an epic journey across 13 or so states.

Stay tuned for pictures of me in front of cool shit :)

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SG said...

Looking forward to it.. Checkout my blog for our take on the trip and even cooler pictures.