Tuesday, June 19, 2007

All The Clever Monkeys Telling Us What to Do, Telling Us to Stay in Line and Join The Monkey Queue

Tonight I listened to a fascinating podcast, entitled, Green is the New Red, White and Blue, by none other than Thomas Friedman. PS, Stanford has TONS of amazing podcasts, want some QUALITY education for free, check it out.

To preface, no I don't think global warming is a hoax, and no I don't think Al Gore is the man (in fact.....well, nevermind). Friedman points out several interesting points.

He speaks of petro-politics, how oil factors in on a geopolitical playing field. What America is worried about.....jobs, temperature, and terrorism. Friedman argues with compelling evidence that countries that are highly dependent on oil for the GDP (Russia, India, Nigeria, and Iran) suffer majorly on the 'freedom index,' which has declined since the fall of the Berlin wall, thus paving the way for more free markets. He suggests that the price of oil and the pace of freedom in these countries operate in opposite directions. THEREFORE, its in our best interests to be a green nation to promote freedom and combat terrorism, as I simplify his sentiments for sake of attention span. For further information, look up the freedom graphs and market graphs in oil selling nations, they're out there.

The Looming Tower (now on my amazon wishlist), Lawrence Write, makes an interesting observation. 1979 was the year, radical muslims bomb holy stuff in Saudi, the prince says, and I paraphrase Lawrence thru Friedman thru myself, the only way to treat terrorists is to empower them. Saudi, with an influx of money from oil, builds the religious infrastructure, and funds approximately 90% of the muslim religion. Fifteen of the nineteen 9-11 hijackers from Saudi --

The most compelling argument I've ever heard to 'stop global warming' and get a lot of other stuff as a bi-product or as I loook at it, global warming is a bi-product of getting other stuff.

Nevertheless, If we don't set an example with a comprehensive environmental solution, as the developing world (India and China) continue to come online at a pace of 8% a year, when the Chinese trade their bikes in for SUV's, my inclinations tell me there will certainly be environmental problems.

Lots of incite in this podcast, 90 minutes long, worth the listen, judge for yourself.

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