Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Bleed the Pot, When You're Hot You're Hot, When Enough is Enough, Do the Fakers Drop Out

My first heart to heart bike ride in Round Rock says NOT A MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN. 15 miles in about 45 minutes yielded inconsistent sidewalks on AW Grimes, Old Settlers, and Redbud Roads, now I know what David Byrne meant when he talks of bikers in New York being crazy. This is not to mention the SUV's whippin' by me, the potholes, and the SINISTER hill to end my route.

Rollin' along I stumbled on this eyesore. A livestock show barn turned Assembly of God. Amazing the aesthetics or lack thereof in many Churches these days.

This one, as shown below by photo from Manuelabor shows what you get when inspired by divinity (or caste system and feudal society)....but nevertheless, inspiring, I THINK this thing took something like 300 years to build, and it's certainly a church I would be proud to roll up into.

Wouldn't it be nice to have that divinity back? Was it ever there? When was the last time there was a building that took 300 years of inefficiency, attention to aesthetics, blood, sweat and tears to produce, and not by the lowest bidder? Perhaps the Freedom Tower in lower Manhattan?

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