Sunday, June 17, 2007

Its Not Time to Make a Change, Just Relax, Take it Easy, You're Still Young, That's Your Fault, Theres So Much You Have to Know

First off I'm amazed at Robyn Hitchcock, and I'm ashamed I haven't discovered his brilliance sooner. Happy fathers day to everyone, I ate an amazing ATM branded dead animal cooked by my brother in law for the event.

I often think about my life without the influence of a living dad, I think about other people's coping mechanisms with death, but most importantly I think about what lives on forever in your hearts and minds as a bi-product of the people who have went away.

Top 1o Things about my dad I think about.
  1. I got my dads 'chrome dome.' Both of us had hair that resembles scarecrow on the wizard of Oz hair, if we let it grow out, it would be Cookie from the Bozo Show.
  2. The man sure could cook a piece of meat. A meat, potatoes, carrots and bada$$ gravy sorta dude, I looked forward to meals all the time.
  3. He had the patience to tinker with all sorts of stuff, I guess that's where I got some of my tinker abilities.
  4. He got along with everyone, friends, enemies, alike, pretty easy going, but surely could and did crack the whip every now and then.
  5. I could look something up in our ghetto old school encyclopedias, like 'hoover damn', or 'graceland', and 'suggest' we go, and dad would load us up, many times as per my request.
  6. He got sick, he was sick most of my 'adult' life, he coughed really bad, it made me sad, he fought like a champ till the bitter end. I spent a lot of days in my tender years hanging out with dad in the hospital.
  7. He had a bizarre sense of humor that out-shined his sickness lots of times.
  8. Despite being sick as a dog, he got out there and threw baseball with me once, it took most of his energy, but that's a visual I still keep in my head for inspiration and optimism.
  9. He enjoyed watching my athletic events, baseball, football, and perhaps that's why on the day of his funeral I was at my regional tennis tourney.
  10. He was a fighter, nothing ever got past him, and all things considered, he had a great attitude towards life.

I have no idea what that Pearl Jam song Betterman means, but once Eddie, at a gig in Atlanta said before the song, 'This song goes out to that ba$tard that married my mamma,' in other words, its Eddie's way of being very sentimental, and I share this same attitude to my dearly departed dad.

There's also a good woman behind my dad, a tip of the hat to mom, who stayed strong and understanding through it all, it's made her the pillar of our family thru understanding and hard work.

Boy has that ever taught me true empathy.

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