Monday, June 25, 2007

I Belong in the Service of the Queen, I Belong Anywhere but in Between

Yea, I'm getting lame, quoting Counting Crows, thank god this girl is around to keep me cool, check out her summer mix, boy do I love it!

Two Standouts :
A$$HOLES - The Damnwells -- Lyric - 'Everyone grew up and turned into a$$holes'
Icecream Man - The Modern Lovers -- reminds me of Steve B. on Trees Lounge

Rain, been raining lots lately, reminds me of of a game I saw in Camden Yards years back when the field was still new, HUGE rain storm, they were playing 'rain' songs, AMAZING sound system in the stadium. Songs like Rain King, I'm Only Happy when it Rains (one of my girls), The Thunder Rolls, and others, but can't remember.

Huge sheets of rain, BUCKETS!

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