Thursday, June 14, 2007

I Consider It a Challenge Before the Whole Human Race and I Ain't Gonna Lose

Three topics for the evening, meat and potatoes, immigration and the media.

The 'meat and potato' San Antonio Spurs destroyed the Cavs in the NBA final, with a controlled precision that a lot of people consider boring. I'm a bandwagon Mavericks fan, but still like the Spurs quite a bit, and I totally see the difference in a player like Dirk and Duncan. Duncan is a true champion, he doesn't panic, steps up and takes the lead and brings it home, not flashy but gets the job done.

Immigration, it makes me miserable to see the government bobble this situation around. I'm also sick of getting the immigration according the Charlie Daniels sent to my email, its a bit short cited, I'd say. The critic in me sees the 'point system' in which, if you have a high education, 'in demand skills,' or can speak English well, you get more points and your immigration status is based on this government decided point system, personally I think that's horse poop, UNLESS, we as a nation can instill the same point system to Americans, if you're not 'pulling your weight' as a citizen, we send you to hell, Guantanamo or something.

Since everyone else in every other country seems to be nationalistic and patriotic, I have my opinions on what makes 'my' country great. If you get a PHD, automatic citizenship, certainly it makes sense to have smart people dedicated to helping the GDP of your perspective country. Hell, it may even motivate lots of young people in this country who suffer from an I'm-complacent-and-lazy-and-don't-know-what-I-want-to-be-when-I-grow-up the necessity to get it together. Path to citizenship, why the hell not? Let's talk about integration, the Germans, Dutch and other non-English speaking people took several generations to integrate.

Keep in mind the human element of immigration (the same way we freak when a kid gets kidnapped or lost in the woods and it makes national news). Read extensively about coyotes, and perhaps empathize with their wants and needs, they are the same as yours. (PS - this is coming from someone who has repeatedly been told he needs sensitivity lessons)

Capitalism has 'back flow,' established institutions like cheap labor and the fact they can sell products to 'illegal immigrants'......why not, its their job, the pursuit of markets. Everyone wants and enjoys prosperity, If we get on the ball developing retail markets vs wholesale markets in countries where 'illegals' come from, the problem gets better. Building walls SOOOO doesn't work.

The MEDIA, isn't it alarming that Geffen and Murdoch are 'buying' media news outlets like the Los Angeles times and The Wall Street Journal, respectively. No more public service news, its entertainment, lets see how Paris is doing in jail while we have a conflict in Iraq, genocide in Darfur, the dollar trading like shit in a global market, something that just isn't so damn 'feel good' all the time, and something that isn't polarized and partisan. Where is the true objectivity going to come from when new outlets are run by corporations looking out for shareholder wealth and the bottom line.....

**I must say most of the opinions I've swiped from reading different odds and ends over the last few weeks, can't remember where I found it all or whose they are, but its reflective of what sets off the light bulb in my head.

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